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Dear Parents,

I am so happy to be your child's First grade teacher. I am looking forward to this year of adventure.

It will be a year full of learning and growth. I encourage open and honest discussions between home and school. This will best benefit your child. We will work to become proficient readers, marvelous mathematicians, and independent thinkers. I will be communicating with you throughout the year by letters, notes, phone calls, and conferences.

We will have a fantastic year!

Recent Posts

Picture Oder Forms

We have another great week! Thanks to all who cam e out to Parent Night.
This Wednesday September 27th is Picture Day. I sent home order forms today in the red folders. There's an on line order site as well.
Have a great weekend!
Ruby Crowe

Parent Night

I hope to see everyone here at school for Parent Night! It begins in the cafeteria at 6:00 p.m. and ends at around 7:30. The information on the yellow Progress report was incorrect. My apologies. Please make plans to attend!
Have a great evening!
Ruby Crowe

Next week!

Good afternoon Parents,
We have had a great week at school. We are all getting into the routine of learning and growing everyday! Your little one may be feeling extra tired from all the activity! Please help your child learn by getting to bed early and being well rested for each school day!
Mark your calendars! Parent Night is Thursday September 21st! The First session starts at 6:00 p.m. in the cafeteria. The second identical session begins at 7:00 p.m. in my classroom. Please make plans to attend. So much information will be shared!
I've enjoyed this week getting to know my learners better and I am excited about our year together.
Math homework page is in Red folders today. Home readers will be sent home on Monday. Spelling words for the week are on blue sheet. Please keep all contents of red folder in the brads. 
Thanks Parents for a great week!
Ruby Crowe

Freedom Week

This week is Celebrate Freedom week! We will discuss what freedom means to us!
Also we will wear special colors each day this week!
Tuesday- White
Wednesday- Blue
Thursday-Patriotic shirt- red, white and blue
Friday-Red, white and blue
Let's wear our patriotic colors and celebrate our freedom!
Ruby Crowe

First grade Homework!!

Good afternoon Parents!
We have homework starting this week. We are very excited!!! You have 3 things to help your child with this week and every week from now on. All items can be found in the Red Everyday Folder.
Spelling- We have sent home a word family list. There are more words possible that follow this pattern that MAY be on our Friday test. We want the students to learn HOW to spell and not WHAT to spell.
Home reader- Please listen to your child read this book every night. There is a YELLOW skill sheet to help guide your homework time. Please fill out the Reading Log page.
Math page- Your child might need help with the directions on each section. My hope is this page is fairly easy for your child to complete.
Please initial the yellow Daily Behavior sheet. If there are no problems the daily smiley face is your message that all classroom expectations were followed. If the daily smiley face is marked out or a note is written in, then we had some difficulties with classroom expectations. I would kindly ask you emphasis classroom rules and expectations. They are listed to the side of the Behavior sheet.
Happy homework time!
Ruby Crowe

Important Information from School

Good afternoon Parents!!
We have a great first few weeks of school! We have come back after the hurricane and area flooding to school as usual. The kids have been great!
Lots of things are in your child's backpack that require your attention.
First, it was our first library visit today. Your child has one library book. Please go over a few things about this book this week. Have your child find the title, title page, author, page numbers and spine of the book. We are discussing these things in class. Every Wednesday will be our library day. Please help your child remember to return in the backpack next Wednesday so they can check out two books.
Also, today Wednesday folders and red Everyday folders were sent in the backpack. Please review these notes and information. There are many exciting events scheduled that your child can participate in if you complete forms and return!
There is NO HOMEWORK this week but will start next week. There are no spelling words or reading log to complete. You can however take a  look at the information to become familiar with it!
We have started our school year off strong and look forward to the journey!
Ruby Crowe

Checking in on our Families

I hope you and your families are well. If you are experiencing any difficulties because of the flooding please reply back to this email and let me know.  I am missing my students and am praying for their safety and well-being. I really miss them all!!
I hope to see everyone's smiling face on Tuesday. I am ready to get back into the routine and excitement of First grade.
Praying for you all.
Ruby Crowe


2nd 9 weeks Sight work check is on Friday Nov.11th.  A set of flashcards were sent in the Wed. folder last week.
Word family lists are on my website in case your copy is misplaced. Next weeks words are also listed in case your family would like to spend some weekend time getting a jump on the coming weeks words.
Our First Grade monthly newsletter is updated monthly. This contains helpful parent information. You can find it on the RES website.
This year seems to be flying by!
Thank you.
Ruby Crowe

Math skills on test

First let me apologize for this late notice. We've had internet issues on campus since Monday. The Wednesday folder had an example of what the subtraction skills will look like. The other skills (part/part whole, missing addends, addition to 10, balancing equations) were covered in the previous test so no new skills there.
I hope we see you all at Round Up this Friday. It is a great family event.
I thoroughly enjoyed meeting and speaking to each and every one of you about your child.
I am blessed to encourage and educate these fine children.
Ruby Crowe

Reading information and Math test

Please check the red folder for two things. First a set of math flashcards for the vocabulary and concepts to review for this weeks test. Also, an additional set of letter tiles to help study spelling words.
Your child can login in to Raz Kids from home. Its a great reading program we use here at school. Google Raz Kids and look for the Kids Login corner. My teacher name is cruby0- that is the number zero. Then click on student name and their pass code is their initials to their first and last name. Have fun reading!
A huge thanks to Rachel Lagaly for putting together our awesome Round Up auction item! It looks fantastic!
Ruby Crowe

Note from P.E. and conference information

I am looking forward to our time to share about your child. Most of my conferences are back to back so please be on time. Chairs will be set up outside my classroom for you to come on back to the First grade hallway and wait comfortably. If my door is shut I am wrapping up a conference and will be with you shortly. Please let me know if you are unable to keep our appointment.
Thanks  to all who have helped with our class project for Round Up!

Below is a message from Coach Tripp regarding P.E.


   We are starting our Scooter Board unit in PE this week.  It will continue through the end of next week (October 14).  I am requesting that girls do NOT wear skirts, dresses, or long shirts on their PE days through the rest of this unit.  Long, loose clothing gets caught up under the wheels and can present a safety hazard.  If your child wears these to class, they will not be able to participate that day.  Thank you in advance for understanding and to help remember this request on your child's PE days. 

Coach Tripp

Thanks for all you do to help as we continue our journey of learning!!
Ruby Crowe


Wonderful Parents
This week's homework is math packet and homereader. The homereader is in a baggie along with a yellow guide page to help you help your child. Please leave these pages inside. You can take the packet and homereader baggie out and keep at home until Friday. There's no reason to send these items back in daily. In fact, there's more of a chance these will be misplaced. 
The log located in the brads needs to be filled out nightly. The yellow skill page in front of the log will help guide you with nightly skills.
If you have any questions please let me know!
Mrs. Ruby Crowe

This Week

Freedom Week is this week. Each day of the week the students are encouraged to wear a specific color- Tuesday/White, Wednesday/Blue, Thursday/Red, White and Blue, Friday Red/White. This information is posted on the Rosehill website.
It is a great place for the latest and greatest about school activities!  A monthly academic newsletter is posted to keep you informed about all the wonder topics we are learning in the classroom!
All the kids can participate in the parade on Wednesday and ride in our Rosehill float(trailer!) with a signed permission slip!
Math homework packet was placed in red folders.
Spelling word family was also sent.
All homework is due Friday completed.
Your child is a joy and a pleasure to teach.
Contact me any time!
Have a great evening. Mrs. Ruby Crowe

Student Red folders

Please check this red folder daily. Important notes are sent home in this folder. A note went home yesterday with an important notice. Please email me if you did not receive this note. Many notes were still in the red folder today.
A big thanks to all of you for helping make this start of school year fantastic!
Mrs. Ruby Crowe 

Greetings Parents

I am looking forward to the first day of school! I am so excited to meet our new First grade learners!
I want to share a few things with you:
Please send a healthy snack with your child  that does not require utensils.We have snack time every afternoon.
A rainbow colored folder will be sent home on Tuesday. Please look for it in your child's backpack. There are important notes to read. This is your child's Wednesday folder which from now on will go home every Wednesday with important notes.
Parent Night is Thursday August 31st. There are two session times. The first begins in the cafeteria at 6:00 p.m. The second identical session begins at 7:00 p.m. in my classroom. Please plan on attending one of the sessions.
I am so excited for Tuesday I look forward to seeing your child's smiling face! Email me anytime with questions. See you soon!
Mrs. Ruby Crowe