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Hello Parents!
I just want to say, I went home last night with my heart just a smilin'. "Meet the Teacher" might just be one of THE happiest days of the year! Those sweet faces, nervous as can be, will turn to excitement and confidence in no time!
I didn't do a bio letter, so I'll go ahead and tell you a little about myself...
First of all, it's absolutely crazy to think I've been in the Tomball Independent School District since I was 6, (I started at the original Tomball Elementary in the 1st grade) but it's even more crazy that the past decade (and then some) I've served TISD as a teacher! I love my calling just as much now as I did playing school when I was a kid :)
Speaking of kid[s], besides the new 40 I just adopted for the school year and beyond, I have 2 that live at my house. Cami is 7 (going on 17) and Easton is 3 (sweet as can be). I also have 3 panting fur babies; all of which are spoiled rotten. 
I married my high school sweetheart. He's still a work in progress but I love him more than anything (well...right after my God). He graduated from A&M with a geology degree. (Yep, we're in the oil & gas industry, so we take it one day at a time ;). Before that he played minor league baseball. I traveled with him while attending college online at The University of Phoenix. I was subbing at the intermediate on Main Street one off season when the former principal asked why I wasn't planning on teaching. I said, "My dad told me never to be a teacher, 'They work too hard and make too little.'" But after that, the seed was planted. I earned my teaching certificate, and now I use my business background to market learning to my target students! It's worked out beautifully, and I'm OK living frugally ;)  
Professionally, you should know, I am here for your child. Next to you, I will be their biggest advocate. The task of growing and loving these babies is something I pray daily for and dedicate much of my heart to. 
I'm looking forward to an AMAZING year! Please never hesitate to contact me for any reason.

Recent Posts

A few words and then some...


Wow! I can't even believe that THIS IS IT... the last week of school... talk about bitter sweet. This has definitely been a "Cinderella year!" 
Ya know, for years I sent pieces of my heart on with every class I had, until a mentor had to peel me off the ground for the last time. She said, "You can't let ANY of your heart go on with a class... The kiddos coming up need ALL of your heart!" And although it's always hard to hang onto my heart when I wish my babies off each year, I know how important it is. I sure hope that it was absolutely transparent, to your children and even to you, that although I mess up plenty, your kids had all of my heart this year. I want to thank all of you for trusting me to love and grow your littles. It was truly an honor. 
Now for some This-Week Reminders:
  • Auction - PLEASE make sure your child brings at least 2 GENTLY used items for the auction.  They may bring more, but everyone is asked to bring at least 2.  If we don't have anything to auction off, this won't be a very fun experience, and those who don't bring, can't buy. 
  • Jumang12:30 - 2:30 - We will be watching Jumanji as a wrap up to our Chris Van Allsburg study.  Thank you for sending the permission forms in so quickly! 
  • Autograph Time 2:50 - 3:30 - We will end the day with autograph time in the cafeteria.  Students will need their yearbook or some kind of autograph booklet (they can make one at school) for signatures. If you are checking younger siblings out early following their end of the year party, please make sure you follow checkout procedures with the front office if you want your 4th grader as well.
Thursday - LAST DAY OF SCHOOL!  This is a 1/2 day!  Your child is encouraged to wear their "Class of 25" shirt one last time as a group!  The "Walk of Honor" or Trail of Tears?? will start around 12:45.
Thank you again for raising such amazing kiddos. And even though I can't let my heart go with them, they will always be a part of it. ALWAYS and FOREVER!

Family Fun Night TONIGHT!

Come on out to RES' Kickball Tourney! 5:00-7:00
  • Late night book fair
  • Kickball
  • Chick-Fil-A (cash only)
  • Papa John’s (cash only)
  • And snow cones for dessert! (cash only)


Upcoming Events:
All week - Book Fair!
Wednesday -
  • Lunch with someone GRAND (last name A-M)
  • Texian Time Machine - 4th grade ON CAMPUS "field trip" (make sure you wear tennis shoes)
Thursday -  
  • Lunch with someone Grand (last name N-Z)
  • SS Spring Benchmark (No stressing over this! We're reviewing in class, they'll do great!)
  • RES Picnic, kickball tournament, and late night Book Fair!!!
Friday - 
  • Career Day (kids may come dressed as their future selves ;)
Next Week:
Tuesday (5/23) - Moving Up Day! 4th grade Graduation Celebration!! 
**PLEASE RETURN pink permission forms ASAP! If you're planning to attend the celebration, you must also pre-register by completing the green form. BOTH FORMS ARE DUE BY/ON THIS FRIDAY!!
Academics ;)
We're still hard at work. Incorporating a little more fun into the mix, but still...hard at work.
In Reading - We're in the middle of the 2nd book to the Lemonade War series! We're doing it read aloud style with accountable turn and talk to grow our comprehension.
In Writing - We're wrapping up our project based research unit, presenting them ASAP, and wasting no time jumping into imaginary stories (prompted by the Mystery of Harris Burdick.)
In Social Studies - The kiddos did a terrific job with their antislavery posters and presentations. Grades are in for those! Today we reviewed key facts we've discussed over the year regarding Texas History and took notes to prepare for Thursday's benchmark. I'll give them some study time before the benchmark as well. 

This week's news.... & Tonight's Homework!

May.....already??????  Oh my!!!  Buckle up!  This month is a fast ride!!

1. Field Day - Coach Tripp send home a form in last week's Wednesday's folder asking for help as well as needing a lunch count.  We need to know if your child will bring a sack lunch or need one from the cafeteria on Friday, May 12th.
2. Career Day - I don't have any volunteers so far! If you are willing and able to present to our 4th graders about what you do, please let me know.  There is a green form.
4. STAAR Testing next Monday and Tuesday!!!  Please mark your calendar!
5. Homework this week:  Since there is no more spelling, your child will bring home a one page, quick reading comprehension practice.  Please make sure they come to class with it done!
Have a great night!

STAAR Camp Dress Up Schedule

Monday (May 1)- “Get Wild and Crazy about STAAR” and wear mismatched clothes, crazy socks, and wild/crazy hair.

Tuesday (May 2)- “Shine like your Favorite STAAR” and dress like him/her (could be actor/actress, athlete, singer, etc…).

Wednesday (May 3)- “On a Mission to STAAR Success” and wear camo to complete the mission.

Thursday (May 4)- “Time for a Vacation to the Beach” and wear beach attire and bring a towel to sit/layout on during rotations.

Friday (May 5)- “Rally around your Favorite Team...Be a Team Player” and wear your favorite team gear (jersey, hat, socks, etc…).

Read Me!

I said this at the beginning of the year, and I want to take a sec to say it again: I am IN LOVE with the "Workshop Model" method of teaching- where I am not forced, or even obligated, to teach to the test AND where our bulk of learning comes from authentic texts tailored to the individual! But... there's also this other side of reality that we DO have to consider... test prep. Keeping in mind that test taking skills are necessary for our learners, our curriculum writers have integrated a until titled, "Test Taking Genre". So... it's that time, and kiddos are about knee deep in Reading & Math "STAAR Camp"! This week we're all business, but next week we'll add a dress-up spin to the mix ;) Stay tuned to for that schedule.
Kids are now about knee deep in Reading & Math "STAAR Camp"!
We're spiraling through targeted skills aka TEKS that students are expected to grasp at this level. 
For this week and next, here are the skills we're brushing up on and applying in a multitude of ways:
  • Text Structure
  • Context Clues/ Word work
  • Figurative Language/ Poetry
  • Main Idea & Details
  • Text Features
  • Inference & Theme
  • Author's Purpose 
  • Summarizing 
  • Academic vocabulary 
Spelling Test Monday (practice link below)
Extra info but still important (although I HATE asking...)
Monies Due:
Moving on Up fee $15.00 (return with purple sheet informing me of shirt size)
Texian Time Machine $5.00
Please get these to me ASAP so I can mark off your child. 
Thanks for your support, if for any reason you are unable to send in the money, please let me now via email and we will find a way to cover you. THANKS again, and I'm sorry for pestering you!!
Have a great week everyone!!!

Fashionable late I know... but here's this week's news!

  1. Texian Time machine on-campus field trip is coming!! This is an incredible event that the kids will remember forever! The cost is $5.00/ child. Payment is due by next Friday at the latest. So far I have $0 to turn in for this event. 
  2. Also, a purple form went home in Wednesday folders yesterday about our 4th grade Graduation Celebration a.k.a. Moving on Up! This is quickly approaching, PLEASE send in your $15 to cover costs of this extra special day as well!! This will be our "class party" but completely ramped up! 
Please make sure your child is reading 20 minutes/night and studying spelling words. This has been the same all year, but I'm beginning to think that some of our friends are telling parents they don't have homework in my class... 
Here's the link to words we will test on Monday:
Nothing new this week, we're continuing plans from last week-
Reading- Test Taking Genre Unit: kids are rotating to the teacher table in small groups to tackle reading passages and questions. We're using SPRITE (Stickies over answer choices, Preview text for genre and purpose, Read and reread as needed then stop and jot your thinking in the margins, I can tell what the question is asking!, Think with your brain and combine with text evidence to support your answer, Evaluate and Eliminate wrong answer choices then select your answer) strategies as we work through these practice assessments.
Writing- Project based writing research project, modeled step by step via flipped lesson in google classroom. I'm LOVING what I'm seeing as I confer to check progress!!
Social Studies- The beginning of the Civil War

Moving Up Celebration Date Change

4th grade Parents,

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Moving On Up Celebration – DATE CHANGE!!!

Our awesome 4th grade DI Team has advanced to Globals in Knoxville, TN the same week we are supposed to have our Moving On Up Celebration. We have decided to “MOVE UP” the original date from Friday, May 26th to Tuesday, May 23rd  so every student can be present. The award program and slide show presentation are still scheduled after the Celebration when we return to the school. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. Please let me know if you have any questions. Be looking for the t-shirt order form coming THIS WEEK in the Wednesday folders!

This week's news...

Happy Good (and no school) Friday! 

Reminder: THURSDAY is the LAST DAY to turn in fun run pledges! (Fourth Grade is in last place :( 
Upcoming Events... 
  1. A flyer will come home in your child's Wednesday folder about the Texian Time Machine.  This is our "field trip" for the year. However, we do not leave RES for this event.  The cost if $5.  Please save your pennies, nickles, dimes, quarters, etc. in order to cover this.  
  2. Next Wednesday, we will be sending a notice about the cost for Moving Up!!  This is your child's FINAL elementary school event!  Once costs money to pull this "BIG DEAL" off!  I believe the cost will be $15 again this year.  This includes the fun, the food, and a Class of 24 shirt with all of the 4th graders' names on the back!  If you have been saving the RES T-shirts through the years and plan on making a blanket out of them, this makes a GREAT center piece for it!  SOOOO save up!  (If you need assistance, please don't hesitate to let me know. No questions asked, but I promise to do what I can to help support your child.)
Spelling Words (test Monday the 17th)- Lesson 27 (link below):
Reading: We are working on test prep strategies for the STAAR Reading test in small group.  The kids are also enjoying listening to different people across the district read The Lemonade War and thinking through the text with their stop and jots.  They should still be reading their good fit book as well as stopping and jotting each night!
Writing: The kids are doing an independent research project on a topic of their choice.  We are working through this step by step.  It will end up as an article with text features and everything!!
Social Studies:  We are discovering how the Civil War impacted Texas as a new state.  We joined the United States at a very unsure time for our country.  This is a sad but important part of our history.
As always, if you have questions, please let me know!

Reminders and more...

AMAZED at our kiddos for their dedication, perseverance, and hard work during the writing test yesterday. This is in my opinion, as well as supported by past scores, THE most difficult of the 3 4th grade STAAR tests. I tell you what though... I am absolutely confident they did their 100% best, and I believe the scores will come back reflective of that. 
NOW- Reminder: Cougar Dash is this Friday (4th graders run at 8:50) 
PLEASE make sure students are wearing their class fun-run shirts (that are going home today.) They may pair this shirt with their favorite super hero accessories! (No masks, please). Also, we would love to have as many parents attend to be cheerleaders! 😃
In class-
Reading- We are taking most of today to relax, recuperate, and read. We'll be jumping head first BACK into the importance of thinking about what you're thinking, as you're reading. A.K.A. metacognition skills! We will spend the rest of the week getting back into the swing of things like workshop, stop and jot discussions, and Whooo'sReading responses. 
Writing- In writing, we will begin our research next week. This week we're keeping it low key and simply practicing previous writing skills in the form of reader's responses. 
Social Studies- Due to the volume of time we took to research, compose, and prepare for our Texan Tea last week, students will be getting more science instruction this week.
Spelling- Spelling word sheet went home yesterday in your child's red homework folder (light pink cardstock). On spelling city, it's Lesson 25. Test will be Monday, April 3rd. We will take some time today and possibly tomorrow in class to review for this test, but still ensure that your child is getting practice at home as well.
Moving Up Slideshow- I still have students who have not yet brought in/ parents who have not yet email me pictures ( 1 past, 1 present) for the graduation slideshow. Mrs. Horton has been hounding us for these, so that she can get the slideshow together. PLEASE get these to me ASAP. 
I think that's about it. Let me know if you have any questions or concerns. Have a great week. 


Hello, Everyone!!

The STAAR Writing test is tomorrow!!  The following information is important:
  • NO Visitors are allowed in the building tomorrow.
  • Students will not be allowed to have their cell phone on.  Please just have them keep it at home unless it is VERY necessary for them to have it at the end of the day.
  • NO iWatch type watches are allowed either (I don't think any of my kiddos have one, but please leave it at home if they do).
  • Make sure your child has their glasses or contacts if they have some.  
  • Please help them get to bed a bit early tonight.  When a big day is ahead, we all tend to take longer to get to sleep :-).
  • Make sure your child gets a good breakfast either here at school or at home.
  • If your child wants to bring a water bottle, please help us make sure it is one that doesn't sweat.  The water condensation can cause a huge mess.
  • I THINK that covers it!!!!  I sure hope so!
Homework Tonight!  Nothing "official".  However, they have a review "wallet" that they can look over for helpful tips for the test tomorrow.
Your child will get a new spelling list on WEDNESDAY.  I did not want them studying until after the STAAR test was over.  Only 5 more tests this year. :-).
Please send your photos of your precious little ones ASAP!!!  The due date was today!
Hope that covers everything!!!  
Have a great evening!

Photographs for 4th grade slideshow... DUE Monday!!

Wow, we are behind in pictures being sent in from parents this year…please send out an Edlio reminder that pictures are due to March 27th.

(****All we need is 1 baby picture and 1 current picture, I know it’s hard to pick but we end up with too many otherwise.)

Thanks so much!

Melissa Horton, MLS

Librarian, Rosehill Elementary School

17950 Waller Tomball Rd.

Tomball, TX. 77377

281-357-3075 ext. 1639

Calling all RES dads & then some...

Calling all RES dads, step dads, older brothers ---- all of the MEN that support our students...............

Tuesday, March 28th is the 4th grade STAAR Writing test -- we are looking for "Cheerleaders" that morning from 8:10-8:40am.  No costumes; No pom poms; Simply come to hoot, holler, high five the students as they enter the building through the front & at the bus ramps.

We look forward to seeing the kids' faces as they see how much we all believe in their abilities to Write Like Rock Stars!!!!

If you have questions, email Kari Martin at

Important Upcoming EVENTS...

Several things are taking place... THIS FRIDAY!
1. 2:30-3:00 Texas Tea (Students will be dressing & speaking the part of a Famous Texan in our walk through Wax Museum!!)
2. 3:00-3:20 3rd 9 weeks 4th grade Awards Ceremony
3. 3:20-3:50 Celebration of Young Authors (Come down to our classrooms and get a first hand look at all the work your little writer has accomplished! Treats will be served ;)
** Please see the aqua, half-sheet flyer in today's Wednesday folder for details on student checkout.
Next Friday... is the COUGAR DASH Fund Raiser!! PLEASE do your best in raising funds for this event; it's super important and phenomenally fun for all! 
This week in class-
ALL 4th grade teachers, specialists, and even extra hired hands are hard at work facilitating WRITING CAMP! All kiddos are getting 100 minutes of rotating skill review in a variety of ways to fine tune their knowledge for the upcoming Writing STAAR! (which is next week TUESDAY, btw!!) I'm so grateful to all of the professionals pouring their blood, sweat, and tears into ensuring our babies are super ready to strut their stuff for the state of Texas!
Afternoons have been set for Texas Tea prep and independent reading.  

Oh So Much To Say... but please read ;)

First...Mark your calendar!
  • Texas Legend "Texas Tea" Event: March 24th @ 2:30.
  • Writing Celebration: Following the "Texas Tea" on the 24th!
  • WRITING STAAR- March 28th
  • Cougar Dash: March 31st (see link below for details)
Now on to the details...
One of our school's most grandiose events is... THE R.E.S. Cougar Dash!! Please look over the information and packets that came home in the Wednesday folder yesterday :)
THANK YOU to everyone who has already sent in 2 photos of their child for the 4th Grade Moving Up Celebration! I have to get these loaded into the slideshow folder for Mrs. Horton, ASAP. If you haven't done so yet, please email me a picture of your darling from their younger years and one more recent. (If you aren't able to email them, just send them in an envelope with your kiddo. I'll scan them in and send them back home, no problem.)
The WRITING STAAR (expository composition + revising & editing) is quickly approaching (March 28th to be exact!) We've been busy at work preparing to DOMINATE this test. And even though Spring Break is absolutely deserved and appreciated, it's a little nerve wracking to think that some of the work we've been doing might get buried in the week of relaxation. So... earlier this week, I sent home a purple STAAR practice booklet. It's definitely NOT mandatory, but it would be SUPER BENEFICIAL to the educational success of your little learner (no pressure though ;) for you to encourage him/her to do at least a few passages & questions out of this book over the break. Here is a link to the ANSWER KEY!! 
Also, make sure they READ IT OUT LOUD!  I tell the kids, they are likely to "hear" a mistake before they "see" a mistake. It can help avoid making careless errors.
In Reading we are analyzing text with a writer's eye. We're deep into carefully identifying main ideas and details, the structure of texts, and how to improve the fluidity of the message. Along with evaluating sentence patterns and correcting any grammatical errors that might hinder the meaning of the selection.   
In Writing we're blowing and going through everything expository, revising, and editing. The english language is a complex notion, but we're grasping the gist in an abundance of areas!
Social Studies- Famous Texan research and speeches are underway! Texan Tea is coming soon!
Have a fabulous end of your week, and a restful Spring Break as we hand over your little ones to keep you company ;) As always, thank you for your support in growing these amazing little people!