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Welcome Parents!
This is a hectic time of year, I know. Getting back in the swing of things and the slew of in services have me crossing my eyeballs... but let me just be honest- when I take a second to sit back, breathe, and see the bigger picture, my heart skips a beat and a smile spreads across my face. "Meet the Teacher" might just be one of my favorite days of the year! I love seeing those precious faces for the first time (as my very own!)  Some nervous as can be, but I promise, those feelings will turn to excitement and confidence in no time!
I'm absolutely looking forward to learning and growing with your child as I do my very best coaching them along in their educational journey.
This is going to be a phenomenal year. Please don't hesitate to contact me for any reason. 

Recent Posts

Good Monday Morning!

Today, we have a special guest speaker for Constitution Day (and a parent of one of our very own) ... Justice of the Peace Judge Korduba-Hrncir! I know the kids will be excited to hear all Mrs. Korduba has to share! 
This week:
In Reading-
We'll be taking our thinking a little further as we read, by recording our thoughts (a.k.a. "stop and jots") about our reading on post-its. Mid-later in the week, we'll take stop-and-jots one step further as we discuss our notes in accountability groups. Listening norms will be set, and then questioning strategies will be coached so that team members are able to prompt each other to support/defend their thinking.
In Writing-
We've narrowed down our list of seed ideas to 2-3 starred stories. We'll look at "zooming in" to a moment in time, rather than a bed-to-bed story. From there we'll discuss how stories "tend to go" and set up some timelines for a few probable pieces to take through the writing process.
Social Studies-
We WILL finally get around to polishing up our Texas Regions flipbook. We'll take an OPEN-NOTE quiz by the end of the week (no need to study afterhours). 
*Standing assignment- Read 20+ minutes 4-5 nights/week
*Spelling- Words coming home (with irregular patterns/short vowel sounds crossed out) today. Students are expected to study the repeated patterns we noticed, 2-3 different ways (to show to me on Friday) before the test.
That's all folks! Have an amazing week!

Parents, I apologize!!!

In my 12 years of teaching, I have NEVER passed out Wednesday folders in the morning. (Many times we're still getting things to send home throughout the day.) However this year, our schedule prevents us from getting our homeroom kids back in the afternoon. So... moral of the story- I didn't send home my class' folders today. We'll pass them out tomorrow morning. Please forgive me!!
As for next week and beyond- It'll be my "Folder Sorters'" job; many of the kids have a better memory than myself, so... folders should never miss another Wednesday trip home! 
Thanks for your understanding. I appreciate you!

3rd & 4th Grade Parent Orientation

Thursday- September 28th, 6-7:30
We hope to see you here!!!
Also... Rodeo Round Up- Friday, Oct. 27th.
The class auction item is ordered for Yeatman's homeroom! YEHAW! More info coming to you soon. 

The world seemed to stop...

as a result of Harvey, but now... we're back to time flying! FYI-I'm loving the days with my classroom kiddos!
Here's some 411 you may be wondering about-
Spelling- YES, there will be a number of words crossed out on your child's spelling lists (inside their red homework folder) as we complete word sorts each Monday. THIS is by design, NOT by default ;) I'll explain the reasoning behind the crossing out of particular words at Parent Orientation. If you'd like me to explain beforehand, just give me a call. Trying to explain it all via typing might turn into a manual. But I promise you, it's with an abundance of background, data, and research that I am not requiring my kiddos to "memorize" 20 words for their Friday's tests.
WhooosReading- OK, kiddos are set up in WhooosReading!  Their passwords are taped inside their red folders. HOWEVER, the district would like kiddos to have the same login info for WhooosReading as they do everything else, so that the account can move with them (and we don't have to reenter students every year). Therefore... our login info will be changing soon, but until then... they can reply away with their current logins. I will be sending a WhooosReading Information sheet home next week in Wed. folders. 
In Reading- Please continue double checking that your child is in a "Just Right" book. PLEASE take the time to listen to them read aloud a couple of times a week, just a page or so. If they sound choppy, or they're messing up/mispronouncing 4-5+ words/page, it's more than likely too hard. If they're self correcting PRAISE them for it (and don't count that as a error ;)
In Writing- We're collecting seed ideas that we will take through the writing process shortly! Teaching writing gets me PUMPED UP!! So I cannot wait to celebrate these authors!
Social Studies- We're studying the 4 main regions of Texas and diving into their geological differences soon!
Homework- (for my class- it's pretty unwaivering, HW will be the same almost every week):
-Read AT LEAST 20 minutes 4 nights a week (in a JUST RIGHT BOOK)
-In addition to our Monday's spelling sort, 2 more proofs of practicing spelling words (menu IDEAS are in their red folders)
Have a great week!

IMPORTANT...Just Right Books...

I desperately wanted to cover a number of lessons on how to pick "Just Right Books," before we took our first trip to the library. HOWEVER, with Harvey, the opportunities to cover such imperative information evaded us. We had about 10 minutes before library Tuesday to run through some tips/strategies on choosing best fit reads. So... I need YOUR HELP! If this is the only contribution you're able to make all year, I'll take gladly take it! It's THAT important. Please take a book walk with your child ASAP. I quickly conferred with all of my readers yesterday, on monitoring their focus as they read, but I didn't get a chance to listen to everyone read from their book. If you feel your child did NOT select a book tailored to their present reading ability, please talk with them about it or let me know. We go back to the library Tuesday, so I'll have another chance to serve them in locating a more appropriate level book. I also have several books in my classroom library for them to choose from.
I will send pics of anchor charts to help you- help them- know if their books are "Just Right" too easy, or too hard!  I strongly believe THIS is single-handed-ly THE MOST VITAL tool we can equip our readers with, so that they can grow into better readers and comprehend-ers!
Thanks a ba-zillion!

Info you've been looking for...

Hey parents!
Some things you can expect next week...
  • Students will be using planners daily starting Monday.
  • Spelling words will come home Monday; 1st Spelling test- next Friday
  • Students will get their new WhooosReading (technology based reader's response tool) login info tomorrow; an individual copy will be kept in their red homework folder. However responses submitted at home will not be part of their reader's response grade. 
  • Weekly conduct reports will begin coming home next week in Wednesday folders.
  • For my homeroom- Wednesday folders are coming home today, please return tomorrow.