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Hello Students and Parents!

   Welcome to fourth grade!!  I am so excited to be teaching 4th grade math and science and I am looking forward to an amazing year. Together (teacher, parent, and student) we can make this a great year. 

   This is our class web page and is the place to find out about the latest happenings in our class. Please "subscribe" to this site to get email reminders and updates about what is happening in our class.  I am looking forward to working with everyone to make this a positive, successful year. If you have any questions please feel free to email me at or call me at (281)357-3075 ext. 1661.



Recent Posts

Science Benchmark

Just a quick reminder that they are having a science benchmark tomorrow.  We reviewed some in class, but did not get to everything.  They should have brought their science INB's home to help them study tonight.
Book Fair is going on!  Tomorrow morning is Muffin with Mom!


All library books are due tomorrow!  If your child has any at home, please have them bring them to school tomorrow.

Hello!!!   We made it through the STAAR!!  
On Friday the students will be having a science test.  It will be on plant and animal lifecycles (including metamorphosis) and on ecosystems, food chains, and food webs.  We will review in class tomorrow and I will encourage them to bring their science INB's home to study.  There are also some good science videos in their science google class that would be a good review.  
Also next Tuesday they will be having their science benchmark which covers everything they have learned all year.  
Remember that field day is this Friday.  The students are to wear their shirts from the fun run.  It would be a good idea to apply sunscreen before they come to school.
Book Fair next week!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter weekend!!
For homework every night (Monday through Thursday) the students should be doing one page in their "Countdown to STAAR" packet.  This is review of everything that has been taught this year and will help them to prepare for the STAAR test which is 3 weeks away. Please make sure they are bringing this home and completing one page a night.  We will be going over it every day in small groups.
They are also bringing a page home from their workbook tonight.  This is a practice test for the Financial Literacy Test they will be taking on Friday.  It is NOT homework, but I would highly encourage them to do a few problems each night to help prepare them for the test.  (It is only 12 problems.)  If they turn it in to me by Friday I will pay them $50 cougar bucks.  
There will also be a science test on Thursday.  It will cover adaptations of plants and animals as well as inherited and learned traits.

The money for the Cougar Dash fun run is due this Thursday as there is no school on Friday!  The PTO has a goal of raising $13,000.00  to buy some large playground equipment.  Right not we are just under $2000 away from the goal!  Thank you to those who have already generously donated to this cause and encourage all to help if they can.  
The students have a worksheet (Pg. 5 of their packet) for homework tonight.  They also have a fun "My Family Traits" paper that I would like back by Thursday.  If you are visiting family over the weekend it can be returned on Monday.  

Homework and Math Tests

Good morning!  I hope everyone had a great weekend.  Yes, that does say math tests as in more than one.  Tomorrow the students will be taking a test over the Data Analysis unit that we have been covering.  It will cover frequency tables, dot plots, and stem-and-leaf plots.  The students need to know how to read them and answer questions about them.  Tonight their homework is a review page that covers this.  They will also have a practice test that they will bring home.  It is NOT required but I will give them $50 cougar bucks if they do it.  It has only 12 problems and shouldn't take long to do it.  
    On Wednesday we will be taking a math benchmark.  It will cover everything they have learned since the beginning of the year.  I will encourage the students to bring their INB's home to help them review.

Hello!!  Mrs. Horton has told us that very few pictures have been sent in! I know the end of the year seems far away, but if you want your child to be in the 4th grade Moving Up slide show Mrs. Horton needs those pictures now! Today was the original due date.  
End of the Year PICTURES!!!  We need pictures for the end of the year slide show!  If you have not already done so, please email two pictures of your kiddo, one as a baby or a younger child, and one current one to  Mrs. Horton as soon as possible.  Mrs. Horton's email is
Remember the STAAR test tomorrow!!! Make sure the students get a good night's sleep and a healthy breakfast.  We want them to arrive smiling and confident tomorrow!!  Also parents will not be allowed in the school for lunch.  
Cougar Dash fun run is this Friday from 8:40 - 9:40 for our 4th grade students!!


Calling all RES dads, step dads, older brothers ---- all of the MEN that support our students...............


Tuesday, March 28th is the 4th grade STAAR Writing test -- we are looking for "Cheerleaders" that morning from 8:10-8:40am.  No costumes; No pom poms; Simply come to hoot, holler, high five the students as they enter the building through the front & at the bus ramps.


We look forward to seeing the kids' faces as they see how much we all believe in their abilities to Write Like Rock Stars!!!!


If you have questions, email Kari Martin at


The students have a worksheet for homework tonight
End of the Year PICTURES!!!  We need pictures for the end of the year slide show!  If you have not already done so, please email two pictures of your kiddo, one as a baby or a younger child, and one current one to me or Mrs. Horton as soon as possible.  Mrs. Horton's email is My email is The due date is MARCH 27TH!! If you need to send a hard copy picture, you may do so.  I will scan them and return them.
Picture money from spring pictures is due this Thursday!
Canned Food Drive!  Please send in cans of food for a canned food drive sponsored by TISD.  The grade level with the most donations gets extra recess on Friday!

For homework tonight the students need to watch the  video in their science google class, take notes and be able to explain why shadows change throughout the day.
They also have 2 math pages in their red folder.  This is a practice test to help them get ready for the math test on Friday.  This is not homework, however if it is turned in to me by Friday morning they will earn $100 cougar bucks.  

For homework the students need to watch the two science videos in their Science Google Class and take notes.
Next week the students will be having two tests.  On Thursday will be the science test on Earth's Patterns.  This will cover such things as the rotation and revolutions of the earth and moon and the effects this has on day and night, seasons of the year, phases of the moon, tides and shadows.
   On Friday they will have a math test on the geometry unit we have been covering.  Next week I will be sending home review pages and the practice test to help them prepare for the test.

Cougar Dash T-shirts and Homework

Parents.  The order forms and money for the fun run shirts are due this week. Here is some information from Mrs. Tripp:
  • ​​Due Date for forms & money is Thursday, Feb. 16!   
  • All students must turn in a form for sizing. 
  • We appreciate any sponsors that can help donate money towards shirts. 
I will attach the order form in case it has been misplaced.
Also for homework tonight the students are to go through all the slides in the following link and do the 7 questions at the end under "Test Yourself".