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Dear Parents,

I am so happy to be your child's First grade teacher. I am looking forward to this year of adventure.

It will be a year full of learning and growth. I encourage open and honest discussions between home and school. This will best benefit your child. We will work to become proficient readers, marvelous mathematicians, and independent thinkers. I will be communicating with you throughout the year by letters, notes, phone calls, and conferences.

We will have a fantastic year!

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A Few things

Thanks to all who sent in cash for the party tomorrow. There's still time. 
Please empty your child's backpack. There will be more items tomorrow.
Ruby Crowe

Summer resources




Summer Slide

Good afternoon,
“Summer slide” is the tendency for students to lose some of the achievement gains they made during the previous school year.
Websites for reading/word work: (students have a login from me that they should know) (I will send instructions for this) (start hitting those vowel pairs for second grade)
Other things to consider/know...
In second grade students will be expected to have math fluency or the ability to answer addition/subtraction facts with speed and accuracy. They will begin practicing this but you can purchase (or make) flashcards (sums to 20) for them to practice their facts. This is helpful for regrouping in addition/subtraction and multiplication that is to come.
Please read "real books". Go to the library
They have FREE activities all week and you can read books while you're there.
Have fun this summer. Be present. Our kids need us to be here for them. Talk. Laugh. Share!
Put down the electronics and do activities that will create memories and experiences for your children. These experiences create a wealth of language, emotional stability and routine that will help your child to thrive.

Daily backpack checks

I will be sending home items in your child's backpack. Be on the lookout for workbooks, readers, journals, supplies and the like. There will be many things for your child to work on over the summer.
Please clear it out and leave the red folder only.
I am trying to not overload the kids as we clear out for end of year!
Thanks for your help!
Ruby Crowe

Next Week



We are so grateful for an amazing year with your child.  We want to celebrate the hard work and growth our students have made.  We will be having a "Happy Campers" week of fun.  Below is the schedule of special events for the week of May 22-29.  Please send in the items below to help your child enjoy each day.

Tuesday, May 22 - READ IN!! Bring a bag from home with a beach towel, snack, flashlight and 4-8 books from home.  This bag will stay all week and be returned Tuesday, May 29th.  

Wednesday, May 23 - Board games/Puzzles Day - Please send to your school in your child's backpack. 

Thursday, May 24 - Arts and Crafts Day - Send in stickers, foam letters, beads, feathers, string, wire, cotton balls, etc.  These items will not be returned to you.

Friday, May 25 - Bubbles/Bubble Gum/Chalk day - Please send in bottle of bubbles for you child and pick up a few for others in our room.  Send in a bag of bubble gum for us to enjoy.  (we also need chalk). 


Tuesday, May 29 - Movie Day!! Send in a snack!!

Thank you for making this a great year! We each feel blessed to be a part of your child's life!


~First Grade Teachers 


Monday May 14th


May 14-18

Word work-"ed" endings 
Reading-comprehension (spiraling back with main idea/details)
Writing-All about stories
Math-coins, financial literacy (spend, save, charity, needs/wants) 
TEST ON Friday!!!!
Review coming home today. 
Science-life cycles
Social Studies-land-forms
STAAR test on Monday and Tuesday ...NO LUNCH VISITORS!!
There is a first grade math benchmark on May 24th. We will not be taking this for a grade but for instructional/data purposes. We will be reviewing on the 21-23rd. 

Friday and Field day- Important updates

Good morning Parents
Friday May 11 is Career Day. Your child is encouraged to dress up in the profession they'd like to be when they grow up.
Monday and Tuesday May 14 and 15 are STAAR test dates. Parents are not allowed to visit for lunch times. Contact the front office for questions or clarification on that. 
May 17 Thursday Library Book swap. Bring old books form home and you can choose other donated books to take home!
 May 18th- FIELD DAY 2018!!!!!!!!! We are so excited about Field day. The kids will be outside in rotations from 8:45-11:45. 
We will have a picnic lunch in the grass area in the front of the bus ramp from 12:00-12:30. We will then enjoy Crab Soccer from 2:15-3:00.
Field Day reminders-
* bring water bottle
* hat, sunglasses, sunscreen(applied at home)
* tennis shoes
* positive attitude
The end of school is near with lots of great activities for the kids to enjoy!
Ruby Crowe

Important dates and math test

We will have math test on Tuesday next week. We need to review a few concepts.
Here are a few important dates-
Friday May 11- Career Day- PLEASE consider signing up to be a speaker on this day. Your child would LOVE to see you here!
Friday May 18th- Field day- There is a form to return to school about volunteering and sack lunches.
Library- ALL books due Monday May 14th.
If you have questions about any of these events contact the school office. Extra copies of forms are in the office as well.
Have a great weekend!
Mrs. Crowe

Week of April 23-27

Hello Parents
Here is what's going on this week in our classroom-
SPELLING- Review of all long vowels.  This list might be a bit more challenging than past lists. Please study nightly. 
READING/WRITING- Media Literacy- We will learn all forms of information sharing and communication; computer, radio, newspaper, graphics, billboards, advertisements etc.
We will continue work on our stories.
MATH- Our homework this week will be a math test review. We plan on taking our test this Friday. This date may change. Our test will cover 2D and 3D shapes and fractions. Math terms include vertices(corners), sides, edges, faces, whole, half and be familiar with the terms 1 out of three and NOT 1/3.
SCIENCE/SOCIAL STUDIES- Maps and habitiats
Enjoy this beautiful weather!
Ruby Crowe

a few things

Good morning Parents
There was no math homework this week because of the test on Tuesday. Math homework will be in red folders today.
Please use this weekend to clean out backpacks. The kids' backpacks are filled with extra items they don't need.
Please use this weekend to read and fill out reading log if you haven't in a while.Our young readers have really grown as readers and it shows in their fluency and ability to discuss story plot and character traits.
If you ever have any questions please contact me! I am here to help!
Ruby Crowe

math test

Good afternoon Parents,
Our measurement test will be Tuesday next week. I will send home vocabulary cards and daily grade assignments to get a sense of types of questions on test.
Enjoy the weekend!
Ruby Crowe

this week

Good afternoon Parents!
I hope you and your families enjoyed the Easter holiday. The weather was beautiful.
On Monday our math review will be sent home as homework. We plan on having our test covering time and measurement on Thursday or Friday. Time will cover telling time to the hour and half hour and as well as use of the terms "half past". Measurement will include use of terms longer/shorter and knowing how to measure something by lining up an object end to end.
Word Work- continue to study spelling words every night. Please help your child see the pattern in the spelling words
Reading- character traits and plot
Writing- continue to develop as a writer through the writing process. We will focus on revising and editing
Math- measurement
Science- plant parts and needs
Social Studies- Texas symbols
Our library day is Wednesday!
Thank you.
Ruby Crowe

this week and next week

Our Field trip is this Thursday. Please remember
* Fun Run navy t-shirt
*tennis shoes
* Lunch in a LABELED ziploc
* Be on time
If it looks like we will have rain on Thursday we will come back to school after Little Beakers to enjoy lunch here. Ziploc bags only!
Spelling- In the Wednesday folder you will find last weeks graded spelling test. The sentence dictation on back was "graded". I scored as if I had taken as a grade to give you an idea on how well they are progressing as writers. This week sentence dictation will count as a writing grade and go in the gradebook. Many words are on the word wall. 
Reading- We are discussing character traits and parts of a story including characters, setting, problem and solution..
Math- We are telling time to the hour and half hour. We are also measuring using nonstandard measurements. The kids have trouble with lining up item "end to end" to measure. A REVIEW will go home next Monday April 2nd for our test either Thursday or Friday.
Science- Plants and plant parts
Social Studies- Texas
FUN RUN donations March 29th.
NO SCHOOL March 30th.
Ruby Crowe

Field trip information

I have several families who have not returned signed permission slips. These were sent in the Wed. folder last week. They are due this Friday.
It is very important to note lunch bags only on field trip day. A labeled gallon ziploc works well. There is not enough space in the coolers for us to bring our regular lunch boxes to school on this day.
Thank you!
Mrs. Crowe

This Week- spelling words rake,lake,shake...


Recent Posts


March 5-9

Our Cougar Dash  on March 9th at 1:10-2:10 (our Specials time). It is on the track. Please come cheer on your runners.
Word work-CVCe. This is a BIG change for the students in terms of spelling. We will learn the rule (e jumps over and makes the vowel say it's name). 
Reading-  We will take a poem from Shel Silverstein and answer  comprehension questions on it for a grade.
Writing-We will explore sensory details in poetry and students will write their own poem. 
Math-We will learn about  time to the hour and we will introduce time to the half hour. (After spring break we will go over nonstandard measurement and test will be around March 30th)
Science-living nonliving
Social Studies-goods/services

This week and Important dates

Hello Parents
This week is Book Fair week. The book fair has many books that the kids are excited about. 
Feb. 27th- Muffins with mom 7:40-8:10
Feb. 28th- Lunch with Someone Grand A-N
March 1- Lunch with Someone Grand M-Z
March 1- RES Kickball tournament-
               This is a great night for family fun here at school. There will be food and drinks available on a  CASH ONLY basis.
               5:00-7:00 p.m. Late Night Book Fair
Word Work- mixed vowels with blends and digraphs
Spelling word practice should be part of your nightly homework routine. The words are a bit more challenging. We practice everyday in class. Please practice at home as well.
Reading/Writing- We are exploring forms of poetry and rhyming words
Social Studies- Goods and Services
Science- We will continue to explore rocks. See blue note attached to math homework for this week.
Math- We will practice reading a clock to the hour and half hour. We will also practice measuring things using nonstandard measurements.
I am very proud of the growth and progress the students have made so far this year. 
Ruby Crowe