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Destination Imagination (DI)


Destination Imagination

What is DI? … DI is DestiNation ImagiNation…the world’s largest creative problem-solving program for kids!

Imagine that you and a few friends are given a project to complete, without help from anyone outside the team…

DI teams work on and solve Team Challenges completely on their own. Here at Canyon Pointe Elementary, teams will be formed in September/October and after 4-5 months of preparation, teams will compete in the regional tournament in early Spring.

· DI Meetings will be held once a week starting in early October on Tuesdays

· Team meetings will increase as time gets closer to competition.

· With the guidance – but not help – of a Team Manager, the team creates an action plan and works together to create everything needed for their presentation.

DI is all about:

· What is BEST FOR THE TEAM.... hands on learning of how to work effectively with a group toward a common goal!

· The challenge of creating and presenting something impressive within the specifications of the chosen DI Challenge.

· The team must do all the work!

There are five challenges for your team to choose from:

· All require varying degrees of research, experimentation, design, construction, innovation, theater arts/storytelling, and teamwork!

· Most importantly…Creativity!

Please fill out the student interest form below and we will contact you for tryouts.

Check this link for a preview of this season's challenges:

To learn more, visit the Destination Imagination site:  Scheduling and local information on North Harris DI can be found here: