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Welcome Parents!
This is a hectic time of year, I know. Getting back in the swing of things and the slew of in services have me crossing my eyeballs... but let me just be honest- when I take a second to sit back, breathe, and see the bigger picture, my heart skips a beat and a smile spreads across my face. "Meet the Teacher" might just be one of my favorite days of the year! I love seeing those precious faces for the first time (as my very own!)  Some nervous as can be, but I promise, those feelings will turn to excitement and confidence in no time!
I'm absolutely looking forward to learning and growing with your child as I do my very best coaching them along in their educational journey.
This is going to be a phenomenal year. Please don't hesitate to contact me for any reason. 

Recent Posts

Happy Valentine's Day!

I hate to have missed the true date with our kiddos, but I'm excited to spend party day with them tomorrow!!
Send in those fancy boxes if you've got them, otherwise, I have cutesy brown bags to adorn in the morning ;) 
Reading- Continuing our journey into growing our comprehension in non fiction texts. This week we've focused mainly on identifying the main idea (backwards) by noticing the supporting details first, and then deciding what the supporting details have in common. 
Writing- Rolling through the prompts, these kiddos are making terrific progress as expository writers. The basic building blocks (central idea, structure, organization, and transitions) have been mastered (almost by all!). Now we're onto the icing and sprinkles that will add personality to our pieces!
Revising & Editing- We'll continue to look at this from a tester's approach using Motivation Writing, and through a kid's lense with Education Galaxy (ask your little to show you this differentiated add on!)  
Social Studies... WE'RE BACK ON!!! Reviewing a tad from the past, prepping for a deeper trudge this time (benchmarks aside!) through The Texas Revolution. 
Spelling- Finally...I think I've found a way to make it matter! Each week will look different and will be more of a word work than a memorization of spelling lists. We'll begin the specific pattern/skills at the beginning of each week and assess at the end. See attached photo post sent, via Edlio update, earlier today! Let me know if you have questions or concerns. 
Thanks and have a fantastic rest of  your week!

This week has FLOWN BY! Here's some 411

Please send in Field Day t-shirt money and forms ASAP.
-Valentine's Day Party Pre Registration forms due by Friday.
-Valentine's boxes- if your child wants a fancy box to store valentines in, -please have them make at home and then bring in. If your child doesn't care one way or another, I'll have brown paper bags on hand that'll do the trick. 
Reading- Intro into Informational texts. Today we surveyed several non-fiction books from the library and made a list of features we found. 
Writing- Kids are busy planning away at expository essays! Getting them to stay focused but still right long and strong is a challenge, but we'll get there!
Social Studies- Waiting on the day we can get back to the Texas Revolution... stay tuned. 
Thanks for everything you do, every day!

"The Friday Scoop"

I can't wait to be back for their 2nd day of benchmark testing. It definitely feels like an all-day event for these kiddos (2 hours spread out,) and I am super proud to see how well they do! Give your child an extra hug when he/she gets home, a knuckle rub on the head, and an "Attaway boy/girl!" They deserve it!

Upcoming Dates & Reminders-

Thursday, Feb. 15th Class Valentine’s Party (the most recent (red) registration form has the updated date).

Friday, Feb. 16th and Monday, Feb. 19th are Student Holidays

Friday, March 9th Yearbook Order Due

Also Friday, March 9th RES’ Annual FUN RUN!! PLease send in your tshirt forms and $7.00 as soon as possible!


Reading- We'll use the first half of next week to wrap up Poetry and then move on to Analyzing & Comprehending Non Fiction 

Writing- We're continuing to truck through composing expository pieces, as well as diving deeper into revising and editing

Social Studies- We'll get back on track next week. I'm ready to talk Battles of the Revolution. It's been too long. Ice days and benchmarks- oh my!

Homework- To keep caught up with One and Only Ivan segments, study spelling, and read to a loved one!

Extras- Please send in headphones for your child if you haven't, yet you are able. A HUGE THANK YOU to parents for donating extra sets for kids without. We do have school headphones I've check out, but they're painfully brain squishing for anyone with a mid-larger sized cranium! 


Now that it's almost Thursday already...

I'm so grateful for you ALL. Most days I run around like a chicken with my head cut off, but I promise you-your kids are LEARNING! They're thinking deeper, they're questioning more intensely, and they're discovering who they are as real readers and writers! I may not be able to get an Edlio out on time, and maybe I leave a trail of materials wherever I go, and it's even possible Wednesday folder stuff gets thrown their way right before dismissal on a few occasions, but boy oh boy... my wheels are spinning! I am absolutely LOVING the rigor in our group discussions. THESE KIDS ARE AWESOME!
OK, now... for some useful info-
In Reading- we're an ice storm behind starting poetry, but we're treading along. Comprehending figurative language doesn't come easy, but they're thinking it through, and steadily, their conclusions are proving more accurate.
In Writing- We're knee deep in revising and editing our latest expository piece. They're starting to grasp that the "REAL writing truly happens in the REwriting". 
The district benchmark for Writing will be next week Thursday and Friday. They'll complete the composition (writing) part on day 1 and the revising and editing on day 2. We'll continue preparing for this in authentic ways during class. I'm excited to see how they do! 
Spelling test Friday.
Class pictures Jan. 30th
And one more thing- PLEASE make sure your child is here in the mornings as close to the first bell time as possible (8:10). We're participating in the Texas Reads One event and the best time to get their reading in is during D.E.A.R. (Drop Everything And Read) which is between 8:10 and 8:40. Also- if your child does not have headphones, and the purchase is possible, PLEASE send in some headphones. We're in desperate need of them. 
Thank you again, so much, for all your support!   

This week and next...

First of all, I was so elated to see my kiddos yesterday! I'm so grateful everyone (all of the kids anyway) had a nice relaxing holiday break. 
Secondly, THIS SUNDAY from 2:00-4:00 is Spirit Day for Rosehill Elementary. The image is the shape of Texas over a Texas Flag background. The price is $35, and if they have over 25 participants, Painting with a Twist will donate 50% of proceeds to our school.
On to content...
Reading: We're stepping into DRAMA (stories written to be performed for an audience)! The organizational pattern of a Drama/Reader's Theater mirrors that of a story (beginning, middle, end). We'll compare story elements (characters, setting, plot) across the 2 genres in order to build comprehension of fictional texts.
Writing: We've started analyzing strategies 4th graders use in persuasive writing. I apologize in advance if your child comes home determined to convince you of something they believe should change/they should get. But... this persuasive tone will help them build their effectiveness in expository writing. PLEASE have them show you their tricks to homophones (then we can spread the love to others... If I read another social media post with the wrong they're/their/there, or too/to/two, or our/are/hour.... I am going to pull my hair out!)
Social Studies: Next week we'll be picking back up with the Texas Revolution and diving deeper into the epic battles that lead to the succession of Texas from Mexico. 
*If you'd like to see your child blossom as a reader- have them read, read more, and then some more. 20 minutes/evening is a realistic goal, I hope, for most nights of the week. If you're able to reward your child with more reading time, that's even better. 
*NO SPELLING TEST THIS WEEK- but... 3rd 9 weeks lists were given to students yesterday (see red homework folder). 
Thank you for your time, and even more for sharing your children with me. They are such a huge part of my life and take up so much of my heart!

The 411 for week 12/4...

1. Texas Roadhouse RES fundraiser DUE THIS THURSDAY Dec. 7th!! Top selling class for each grade wins a popsicle party!!
2. Fourth Grade Program THIS THURSDAY 2:30 and 6:30 (students need to come to school dressed in a white shirt and blue jeans, students able to attend teh 6:30 performances need to be here promptly at 6:15)
3. Parent Prep Academy- session “Reading Your Child: Developmental Milestones / Learning Styles” will take place here at Rosehill on Thursday, December 7, at 8:30 a.m. and 1:30 p.m. No need to preregister. Sessions in Spanish will be available. All parents are welcome.
Reading: Growing our comprehension through thinking, specifically: making inferences (using life's experience/background knowledge paired with what's happening in the book to infer deeper beyond the pages of what the words say).
Writing: Piecing together parts of an expository essay to form a cohesive first rough draft
Grammar: Compound sentences using the conjunctions "or," and "so"
Social Studies: Benchmarks soon approaching, but these will be used as a pre-assessment to see where they are. These will NOT be taken for a major grade. 

The form pictured was ready to go home the Friday before Thanksgiving break. I teetered between sending them home in backpacks... or waiting for Wednesday folders. I opted for Wednesday folders knowing they'd have a better chance of being seen. The red half paper is information regarding the 4th grade auction. Please look for this tomorrow in your child's folder. 

Info about this week...

Homework- Check planners for specific homework assignments in Math. Standard reading homework is 20 minutes/night a minimum of 4 days a week- paired with answering questions from the orange pages or on WhooosReading in order to grow their thinking about their reading.
Fund Raiser- Texas Roadhouse fundraiser- SUCH AN AMAZING opportunity for our school. Envelopes went home last week. Scrumptious rolls $4.00 a dozen... and we get $2.00 back for every dozen sold!! $10 Texas Roadhouse Giftcards available too! Due back the week AFTER Thanksgiving break = time to market to the fam ;)
Reading- Thinking deeper about our reading by analyzing the author's craft. THIS is a huge opportunity for our readers to really strengthen their comprehension! 
Writing- Composing expository claims and and outlines. Along with the Revising and Editing "benchmark." (There's nothing to study, this will be used more like a screener to analyze their strengths and weaknesses in the revising and editing areas of writing.)
Social Studies- Exploring & researching the first Spanish & French Explorers of Texas 
College Attire Days- to honor College Week: Wednesday and Friday ;)

Spelling Bee permission forms DUE!!!

Parents, I haven't received any spelling bee forms back yet. If your child would like to try out for the classroom spelling bee, I need your permission by tomorrow, Tuesday at the latest. Forms went home in last week's Wednesday folders, but I believe it was towards the back of the stapled packet of papers, so I'm sure it was super easy to overlook. In the event your child's permission form is at the bottom of your trashcan, just send a handwritten note giving consent for your child to participate. Or just shoot me an email ( The sooner I get your permission, the sooner I can send home a list of practice words. 
Informal, student only (no parents invited,) classroom spelling bee will be held November 19th during your child's ELA block.
The winner of each homeroom will then get a new list of words to study for the school spelling bee to be held Dec. 15th at 9:00 am in the cafeteria. Parents are definitely encouraged to attend the campus bee!!

Mega important + some insider info...

**Stapled orange sheets that came home in Wednesday folders... PLEASE LOVE THESE AND USE THESE! Stick them to the fridge to discuss during/after dinner, or keep the in the car and question away in the fast food drive-thru. These are open ended questions designed to help you talk with your child about what they're reading. The questions start surface level, but then dive deeper- ultimately encouraging your child to think beyond the words on the pages of their book!!! Thank you so much for supporting your child's efforts, as well as my efforts, in growing them into stronger life long readers and thinkers!! I appreciate you!
  • District gradebook system is experiencing technical difficulties- grades will be input and submitted for the 3 week progress check as soon as teachers are given the go-ahead. (I'm expecting beginning-middle of next week??) 
  • Picture retakes- Wednesday, November 15th

Week of Oct. 30th and beyond...

Good morning parents! I'm relieved in thinking this week may be the week of normalcy... (if that's possible with Halloween on a weekday??) I love author visits, awards, Steps to Respect, and Fall Festivities, but I'm ready to have full attention of and for my kiddos' learning instruction. This week we'll be wrapping up our unit on "Analyzing Characters." We'll scoot over to our next unit, "Author's Study," where we'll look at reading from the inside out by analyzing author's craft. We've covered the difference between narrative and expository structure; now we're ready to plan for some expository writing pieces. In grammar we'll review contractions. And finally, in social studies, we'll finish our unit 1 review. After that, we'll move seamlessly through the assessment and onto Spanish explorers.   
After conferring with my readers and writers more in depth this week and next, I'll be able to summatively assess their knowledge of the skills we've covered and get some grades in the gradebook! Thank you for understanding how NOT black and white ELA is. Everything is a process (of thinking, recording and sharing our thoughts, supporting our thinking with evidence, challenging, and ultimately growing our thinking) in which we all have to work through in order to understand/gain an understanding of where our learning is, which takes time. But, oh how we are all growing!!! I am so in love with witnessing their progress every. single. day!
Thanks again for trusting me with your littles!  

Reading and Writing and Social Studies... Oh My!

But first... 
Yeatman's homeroom- We've had about 8 students send in donations for our class auction item. We almost have enough to cover the cost of the gift wrapping station, but as far as accessories go... we're looking pretty skimpy. If you're able, please send in your donations ASAP. Mrs. Kruppa and I are up-fronting the money for supplies, but we're just about spent. We'd greatly appreciate your support on this. Fall Festival auction is THIS FRIDAY. 
Reading- As readers, we're analyzing characters by noticing how characters act towards events/other characters, their reactions to conflicts they face, their words, thoughts, and feelings. I've turned in copies of some open ended questions you can be asking our readers from home, to keep them thinking through their text at a higher level. 4th grade copy day is Friday, so I'm not sure the questions will be ready to send home this week, but definitely by next week! PLEASE use them (because they're important, because they will grow our readers into thinkers, and because I used my copy clicks for these copies;)!!
Writing- As readers we'll be making the leap from narrative (story) writing to opinion writing. Writers will be expected to think of high interest topics important to them, compose a central idea (thesis statment/claim), and support their idea with reasons and examples. This will the the format students will see on STAAR in April.
Social Studies- Together we're learning the tricks of the trade to visual note taking. We're using this strategy to thoroughly review unit 1 (regions and Native Americans). Using our notes, we'll take an assessment later in the week. HOWEVER, there is nothing they need to bring home to study. The assessment will be open notes, and we will cover everything in depth that they will need to know for the test. I know our 4th graders are already up to their eyeballs in tests, so my goal is to work through this s.s. assessment together and utilize it as another learning opportunity. Please do not stress yourself or your child over another "test," they're going to do great. If not... I'll come back to the drawing board (but I am really excited about introducing visual note taking to them and watching them incorporate it into their learning!) I'll probably make some kind of rubric and take that for a daily grade in the near future ;) 

Forgive me for uploading this photo sideways. It's not giving me an option to edit the position from this location. Just wanting you to have a glimpse of what your child's planner should look like filled out. This if for the week of Oct. 23rd.