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Welcome Parents!
This is a hectic time of year, I know. Getting back in the swing of things and the slew of in services have me crossing my eyeballs... but let me just be honest- when I take a second to sit back, breathe, and see the bigger picture, my heart skips a beat and a smile spreads across my face. "Meet the Teacher" might just be one of my favorite days of the year! I love seeing those precious faces for the first time (as my very own!)  Some nervous as can be, but I promise, those feelings will turn to excitement and confidence in no time!
I'm absolutely looking forward to learning and growing with your child as I do my very best coaching them along in their educational journey.
This is going to be a phenomenal year. Please don't hesitate to contact me for any reason. 

Recent Posts

The 411 of this week into next-

*In Wednesday folders- 1/2 sheet (orange) permission form to watch Jumunji (PG) PLEASE RETURN ASAP
*Weekly progress reports- those are no longer going home; if we are having issues with your child's conduct, you will be notified by email or phone call.
*Texas Tea (Famous Texan Dress Up & Presentations) THIS Friday @ 2:30 Dismissal/check out form coming home in Wednesday folders TODAY (if you plan to check your child out after the event, you are being asked to sign them out before the event and will be given the infamous blue ticket :)
*Auction Items- it seems like it's been a while since end of year auction letters have been sent home?? so here's a reminder- We'll have our End of Year Auction where our kiddos can spend their hard earned cougar cash! We will have a silent auction set up for the entire grade level, and a live auction to follow set up within our 4th grade teams. PLEASE send us your gently used items that others can claim as treasures;) Games, DVDs, stuffed animals, accessories, toys, gadgets, school supplies, dress up, etc. etc. etc. Anything taking up space in your home that you'd appreciate bringing joy to others- please donate to our 4th grade EOY auction. THANKS to those who've already contributed to our collection!!

More on the Texas Tea (Friday @ 2:30)

Hey Parents! If you received a packet of white stapled papers with information regarding the Texas Tea in Wednesday folders, you weren't meant to. Some of the details on those handouts were incorrect. I had my sub pull all from my homeroom that day, but somehow Jones' homeroom still went home with the papers. If your child is in Jones' homeroom and you've already sent back the bottom half signed, that's fine, but if not, chunk it. 
NO part of this assignment should be/needs to be done from home. We are working diligently, in class, researching our historical figures, composing first-person-point-of-view essays, and furthermore memorizing our speeches.  IF you would like to have your child practice their speech from home, they should be done/almost done typing their final drafts in their social studies google classroom (which is accessible through their google account).
As far as dressing the part- YES, this is strongly encouraged, but PLEASE DO NOT go out and buy anything!!! If you'd like to google your child's historical Texas figure, and dig through your closet for something you can throw in a bag and send with you kiddo, THAT WILL BE PERFECT. This is supposed to fun, NOT STRESSFUL. Any questions, comments, things I'm forgetting, please don't hesitate to email me :) 
Our Texas Tea will take place this Friday May, 25th @ 2:30 in the cafeteria. 
Drinks and snacks are reserved for our student presenters only. 

Hey Parents! Here's what you need to know... by tomorrow

1.) I'm so sorry I've been out of touch at such a busy time of year. I had a death in my family last week, and my daughter had a dental procedure yesterday, so I've missed some days and... you know... time just doesn't care if you're running behind; it's not going to slow down so you can catch up.
2.) Field Day TOMORROW! It's going to be super sunny (and HOT). PLEASE MAKE sure to apply sunscreen on our babies AT HOME (I can't do it here.) Hats, sunglasses etc. are totally allowed! Shorts, of course, can't be too short. Also- Fun Run class t-shirts are required!
I know there's more I need to tell you but I'm drawing a blank... ?? Moving Up is next week Tuesday. Next week Friday @ 2:30 is our Texas Tea. Kids are busy researching Famous Texans. We'll be writing our speeches in 1st person to recite, and they'll be asked to dress similar to their historical figure the day of. 
I'm thinking there's more. I'll jump back on here tomorrow and send out a newsflash when I remember what else I'm supposed to be sharing :)
PS- I could NOT be more proud of how hard our kids worked on STAAR!!! Goose bumps like chicken skin and tears filling my eyes just from sitting here thinking about it!

IMPORTANT forms sent home YESTERDAY...

PLEASE return...
1. The dark pink- "Extracurricular Activities" permission form (in order for your 4th grader to join us at our Moving Up Celebration PAR-TAY!)
2. The green- "Pre Registration to attend" form (in order to be able to join your 4th grader at the event (otherwise you will be asked to leave, go back to the school, sign in, and get a visitor's sticker before you can return to the facilities where the PAR-TAY will be taking place)
3. The dark orange- "Food Payment" form (in order for our volunteers to be able to pay for and feed the children- all other expenses are covered via PTO!!:)
Also- STAAR is literally around the corner (upcoming Monday and Tuesday, May 14th and 15th)
Reminders have been coming home in folders over the past couple of weeks, as well as previous Edlio posts, but here it is again...
-Due to test security requirements, visitors will NOT be allowed in the building
-Make sure your child is set up for success with a good night's rest and a healthy breakfast (I won't be able to provide Chick Fil A this time :( and the new rule still stands- "No snacks during test," so PLEASE make sure they eat plenty before school starts
-Although cafeteria lunches will be available, it is encouraged to bring lunch from home on these specific testing days 
-AND... Give them a BIG HUG, ATTAboy/girl, and HIGH FIVE etc. etc. etc. because... THEY ARE READY TO ROCK AND ROLL!!!

Calling all PARENT

VOLUNTEERS interested in helping out at THE MOST HAPPENING event of 4th GRADE!!!
Please join us THIS FRIDAY at 4:10 in the RES library (unless notified of a change in location beforehand) to hash out the details surrounding our MOVING UP PAR-TAY!  
We look forward to seeing you Friday! 

STAAR dates and lunch details


On Monday May 14th and Tuesday, May 15th Students in 3rd and 4th Grade will take the Math and Reading STAAR

Please make sure that your child:

  • gets a good night’s sleep
  • gets his/her things together the night before so that they are not
    rushed the next morning
  • starts his/her day in a calm manner
  • has a good breakfast
  • is ON TIME to school (by 8:40)

So that he/she can do well on this very important test!

Due to test security requirements, visitors will not be allowed in the building.

Students will be eating lunch “picnic” style in their classrooms. Although lunches from the cafeteria will be available, it is highly encouraged that students bring a lunch from home on May 14th and 15th. No outside lunches will be delivered to your child.

Your efforts to ensure that your child is prepared for testing are sincerely appreciated! Thank you!

Coming Home in today's Wednesday Folder-

  • Red (2 stapled pages regarding Moving Up Celebration)- IMPORTANT info and form needing to be filled out and returned (as well as $5.00)
  • White (half sheet)- IMPORTANT info regarding EOY AUCTION

Good Morning and Good-Weekend-here-we-come!

I TRY to send out weekly Edlio updates, but there are still a few parents who haven't subscribed to my teacher site, so I think I'm just going to double up and send from my TAC as well. 
This is an extremely busy time of year, so if I don't send something out and you have questions- PLEASE don't hesitate for a second to contact me.
I want to let you know... this is definitely the push-comes-to-shove, last-quarter-mile, race-to-the-finish-line mindset kind of time. Your babies are HARD at work these days. I'm doing everything I can to make this test prep unit as authentic as possible, and I'm pretty pleased with the avenues we've been journeying. Real articles from Highlights magazines (both literary and informational,) STAAR question stems tailored to fit, and a Google App called PearDeck that enables me to get and give immediate feedback on kids' progress. 
We're back to daily SOCIAL STUDIES! And using mock NEWSPAPERS (what?!) to dig deeper in our reading, pull out evidence to support our thinking, and hone in on our vocabulary-in-context skills!  This is where the weekly spelling/vocabulary grades will be derived from. So... no "spelling lists (aka memorization of a series of letters)" and no isolated word work to study. We're sharpening our skills on using the context around unfamiliar words to help us gain meaning. On Monday/Tuesdays we make a list of 10 words from our newspapers, on Tuesdays/Wednesdays we focus in on the surrounding text to infer and further, chart word meanings, and on Wednesday/Thursdays we take an open note, multiple choice, tailor made but STAAR formatted vocabulary quiz. This isn't something to study, but if you'd like to have your kiddos brush up on the skill, pull out some manageable, grade appropriate text and have them practice inferring the meaning using context clues. They should also have at least 1-3 words per page within their library books that are challenging for them to 1.)pronounce or 2.)define in isolation. Have them whip those out (since that should really be the case anyway, every night for 20-30 minutes) and show what they know!
In writing- I have to be honest, it's all about composing reader's responses at the moment (from S.N.O.T. (small notes on text) to well formatted summaries,) but we will be venturing into our research unit soon though (even if we go at a snail's pace to get there). 
Important things/dates/reminders etc. to think about-
May 11th- Career Day; PLEASE if you or someone you know has a fabulous/interesting choice in career, seek their interest and availability to come speak to our kiddos on career day!!
May 14th- 3rd and 4th grade Math STAAR
May 15th- 3rd and 4th grade Reading STAAR
May 18th- FIELD DAY! (PLEASE return volunteer & lunch status forms that came home in Wednesday's folder ASAP)
May 22nd- 4th GRADE MOVING UP PARTY!! (Pictures for the slide show are DUE TODAY!!! emailed to me!)
May 30th- End of Year parties


I can't WAIT for these smarties to tackle tomorrow's Writing STAAR!!
  • There's really no need to send 4th graders to school with backpacks tomorrow, unless they just need one. This goes for cell phones as well. PLEASE keep all electronic devices that could sound off during the assessment FAR AWAY FROM HERE!
  • Ensure our kiddos get a good night's rest, so they'll be refreshed and ready to show what they know!
  • Also, the 4th grade teachers wanted to "serve" our learners a little something in the morning, but it won't be much (3 chicken mini's from Chick Fil A/student), so PLEASE have them eat a healthy breakfast either at home or in our school cafeteria prior to coming into class. (No snacks allowed during the test)
**REMINDER- Now and Then pics for the 4th grade Moving Up Slide Show are due by April 20th (Mrs. Horton moved the date back, thankfully, because I only have about 2-3 kiddo's pics). 
That's all for now ladies and gentlemen. Thank you for encouraging your children to do their absolute best tomorrow, and for making sure their day is off to a terrific start in the am!

Moving Up Meeting tomorrow @ 4:15

The 4th grade teachers, along with PTO representatives, will be discussing our annual 4th Grade Moving Up Celebration tomorrow @ 4:15. 
We'll be discussing a number of topics including food and activities. 
If you're unable to attend tomorrow, no worries, we'll meet again with details closer to event date. We'll also be able to delegate specifics tasks as the date approaches. 
I'll leave the location information with Teresa at the front desk (or we'll have a sign heading you in the right direction). 


Oh... My... Goodness! I was out this morning and have been racing the clock to catch up with the day ever since! I'm sitting here "cleaning" my desk (rearranging mile-high piles is more like it) and just came upon a fresh stack of bright white REPORT CARDS! 
Your child is NOT hiding their grades, I promise. It's all my fault; I didn't hand them out. They will be zipped inside of backpacks first thing tomorrow! 

Reminders and More...

Hang in there, we're almost to the last stretch. It's time to give it all we've got; it's time to sprint! More now than ever, our kiddos need encouragement, support, sleep, and nutrition; this is a tedious time for all of us, but we can do it!


-Fun Run Pledges/Donations Due- Thursday 3/29
-4th grade "Girl Talk" (girls only)- Thursday as well. Please return pink forms.
-Good Friday (no school) 3/30th
-PLEASE email/send in 2 pictures of your child (a baby pic and a current pic) to be put into the 4th Grade Moving Up graduation ceremony. Mrs. Horton likes to get this done early, and you know how long things take me! So, I need to make sure I can stay on top of this and get those pics uploaded for her to create the powerpoint. (Or... I'll be in T-R-O-U-B-L-E!) 
Reading Workshop- "Reading Well in Testing Situations" is our current unit. We're working specifically on graphic organizers to help students sift out and focus on the most important information an author blends within the selections. We've just wrapped up a narrative passage and will be moving onto informational this week. We'll sit there for a bit and then move to paired passages. After analyzing the benchmark, we'll be incorporating social studies content into Readers' Workshop.
Writing Workshop- We're nose deep into the unit, "Writing Well in Testing Situations." Students are making great progress combining ideas into compound and complex sentences. Replacing spelling for word work has been promising; although there are so many grammar rules and furthermore, seemingly unexplainable exceptions to those rules, making this leap should give everyone a leg up on the editing and composition portions of the Writing STAAR. Students are rotating through more independent stations at this time. I'm still guiding them through flipped classroom lessons via google classroom, and pulling all, through small groups at my revising table, but for the most part, it's independent (with reteach from me as needed).
A change this year is NO SNACKS during test. PLEASE make sure they come to school April 10th with full bellies.
(I'm looking into getting boxes of Chicken Mini's from Chick Fil A, and having a little celebratory breakfast of bonding, but I'm not sure of the cost, so don't depend on that at this time. I will let you know if that idea becomes reality.)
Thank you all for everything you do for our kiddos, and for me. I appreciate you. Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns. 

This week...

Spelling/Word Work- How do you know if the suffix sound "shun" is tion, cian, or sion? Yah... I wasn't too sure before now either, but... ask your kiddo (if they have their notes in their homework folder and/or paid attention in class today, they should be able to fill you in! 
By the way, THANK you for your patience as I have worked diligently to customize each week's word work into meaningful practice. I know I haven't been able to front load/or even "side-load" you with spelling patterns/word work, but with admin giving me yesterday to glue down all of the floating parts, I think I might be a little ahead now?! And the kids... I gave them a quick checkpoint (on google forms) to do while I was out, and I'm not good with math, but I'd say 90% of our babies got an A on a comprehensive editing assessment! Do you even know how AWESOME THAT IS?! Trust me... proud teacher moment for sure!
Word Study 411:
This Week: (I guess I'll go ahead and share the insight ;) tion (most common shun suffix), cian (think C for careers... examples- technician, electrician, magician, musician, beautician), and sion (usually added to base words that end in d/de and s/se... examples- comprehend to comprehension, divide to division, discuss to discussion, and revise to revision). 
Next Week: "ly" endings a.k.a. Adjectives versus Adverbs 
After that: meaning of transitions then superlatives & comparatives
Writing- We're waist deep in composing clear central idea statements, and supporting those statements throughout our compositions.
Reading- We're deepening our comprehension of informational texts by understanding comparing and contrast as a text structure.
Thursday is the reading benchmark, but don't panic... that's my job ;) This is an assessment to show ME how I can better serve and prepare our littles, so that they can pass lovely state assessments. It's not something you can binge for; just continue to ensure that our readers are getting time outside of school to practice reading.  
Social Studies- The Alamo and beyond
Last but not least, make sure you look back at Mrs. Jone's Edlio for each of the daily Dr. Suess dress up themes :) I forgot to wear crazy socks today!