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My name is Heather Denune and I am so excited to be your child's teacher this year. I graduated from the University of Houston-Clear Lake with a bachelors degree in early childhood education. I am certified to teach Pre K-4th grade as well as ESL and Gifted and Talented. I love being a first grade teacher and seeing the excitement and growth that occurs during this year. I have two daughters, Reese and Saige as well as a hard working husband and two golden retrievers that ALL keep me very busy! I enjoy coffee, reading, running and spending time with my family when I'm not teaching. I know this year will be a great one and you will see a lot of growth and learning in your child. Get ready to see your child "build a bridge to the future!"
My favorite things :
Favorite Color: turquoise
Favorite Food: Chick Fil A 
Favorite Drink: Chick Fil A sweet tea and Sonic Diet Coke
Hobbies: Reading, Movies, Jogging, anything Hobby Lobby

Recent Posts

February 19-23

No school Friday (2/16 ) Monday (2/19)
Word Work-blends and digraphs with short u 
Reading-literary nonfiction text and author's purpose. We learn about nonfiction that is written as a story using president type books (Lincoln/Washington) and decide the author's purpose for writing those books (inform/entertain/persuade) 
Writing-We will write facts about information we have learned (president all about books)
Math-continue skip counting by 2's 5's 10's
Science-rocks/soil/water...this week will focus on water (lakes, oceans, rivers)
Social Studies-Finishing up goods/services and needs/wants
Please continue reading at home nightly with your child and asking questions such as 
Who are the characters?
What is the setting, problem, solution?
Tell me what this story is about? 


Feb 12-15

Valentines AND 100's Day in the same week. Oh my! What fun we will have!!

Word Work-blends/digraphs with short e ...TEST on THURSDAY! 
Reading/Writing-We will continue research but I plan to work in a fun Valentines book and writing. 
I'm going to be sending home a favorite book banner to complete. Have your child start thinking of their favorite book (either one we have read here or at home) and WHY!!! 
Science-soil, rocks, water and natural resources
Social Studies-good and services
Math-We will do a quick skip counting unit. We will be skip counting from any given number by 2s, 5s, 10s. For example, count by 2s from 16, 18 __ __ __. We will assess on this the week of Feb 20th (middle to end). I will send a review home.
Games for skip counting

Valentine's Day/100's Day

I'm having this separate so it doesn't get lost in the other post. 
February 14th-We will pass out Valentines in the bags. Students will OPEN them at the party on the 15th.
February 15th-100's day (wear your shirt) and PARTY DAY!! 
Please don't forget 3.00 for the room mom
Fun Run t-shirt money is due on 2/15 7.00!!
We will decorate bags at school. If you want to bring something fun to have your child use to decorate the bags you can. Otherwise I do have stickers here. 


We will begin studying rocks tomorrow. Please send your child to school with a small rock (that would fit inside a zip lock baggie) for us to study. We will be observing sizes, shapes, texture, and color of these rocks.

Thanks for your support

Feb 5-9

Word Work-short O blends/digraphs
Reading and Writing-identifying and using nonfiction text features to create a research group poster. 
We will research animals in a group. The posters we make are amazing and I can't wait to get started.
Math-greater than less than. We will TEST over this on Thursday! They are ready!!! Review coming home today for homework.
Science-We will learn about the uses of rocks and describe their texture, color, shape.
Social Studies-Wants and Needs 
Other things to know...
Turn in 7.00 for fun run t shirt
Yearbooks are on sale
Valentines Day party money 3.00
!00th day T shirt wear on Feb 15
Valentines Party Feb 15

Yearbook Info

Yearbooks are on sale for $20.00. Deadline to purchase is March 10th


Dedications are $10.00. Yearbook orders and dedications (called “ads” on the website) can be purchased online at  and then enter Rosehill Elementary to be directed to the store front.


You may also order the yearbook and dedication with the form sent home in Wednesday folders. These are to be returned to your child’s homeroom teacher. Make checks payable to RES PTO.


Pictures and dedications must be emailed to Lisa Solomon at before March 10th.


Wednesday Folder Notes

There are 4 important notes coming home in the Wednesday folder. Please be on the look out for these with information you will need. Fun times ahead :)
1. 100th day t shirt info
2. Valentines Party info from our room mom
3. List of names for Valentines
4. Fun Run T shirt 

January 29-February 2

Sorry this is a bit late. I was out today not feeling well. The students will bring home book bags tomorrow but please read something tonight...raz kids, library book etc. 
This week we will be learning the following...
Word Work: Blends/Digraphs with short i
Reading: Nonfiction text including how to use text features and retelling important information from their learning. 
Writing: Expository (nonfiction) writing. The students will be writing facts from their reading. 
Math: We will build numbers to 120 using standard, picture, expanded, and decomposing in a new way. We will also begin finding numbers on a 100's chart and finding 10 more/10 less. 
Science: Begin learning about soil (texture, color, size)
Social Studies: Continue discovering different inventors. 
Reading: Retelling facts from reading
Writing: All about book (we will edit/share and turn in for a grade)
Math: 10 more 10 less daily grade
Math test will be next Thursday on place value to 120. I will send home a review this Friday. 
Science: Complete a soil flipbook together
Social Studies: Inventors page together
Don't forget pictures tomorrow (group and spring individual).

Valentine's Day/100's Day

Our Valentine's Day party will be February 15th . Please send in Valentine's to be passed on from Monday -Thursday Feb 12-14. We will not have time to pass them out ON party day, the 15th. The room mom will have a note/email about our party coming soon. Since we will have our party on the 15th, the students will be doing Valentine's activities in the classroom . 
Thanks for the hurricane and snow days, 100's day will also be on February 15th. We will be doing activities at school on this day to celebrate being 100 days smarter. Students will be encouraged to make a 100's day t-shirt by gluing 100 items on a t-shirt. A note will come next week about this. 
It will be a fun day! (No school on 2/16 or 2/19). 

Book Order

I am sending home a book order today 1/22. They are DUE on 1/26 FRIDAY! If you want to order books please go to the scholastic website and use our class code MH2RB
or turn in a check with your order. NO CASH PLEASE!
When you buy books for your child you are helping them become excited about reading and books as well as supporting their reading. 

January 22-26

Next week we will be learning the following things...
Word Work: We will take our spelling test over the short a blends/digraphs. We will be one week behind so use the words from the week "1/15" to study.
Reading: Reading bags will go home Monday. 
We are exploring nonfiction/main idea/facts and details and retelling the things we've learned. 
Writing: We are writing about nonfiction. We will begin "all about book" starting with a class read aloud on Polar Bears.
Math-Homework going home today on place value. 
Vocabulary to know
Standard Form 87
Picture/Model form IIIIIIII....... (drawing out the tens/ones)
Expanded Form 80+7=87
Draw in a new way -is breaking apart a ten (IIIIIII.................)
Please let me know if you have any questions!!! The Khan academy website is a great tool to use as well . 
Science/Social Studies-We will study specific inventors next week starting with Ben Franklin and we are continuing our study on day and night . We will do a science experiment with clouds next week :)
We have an author visit Monday. 
I'm sending home a book order Monday. 
Don't forget about class pictures on January 31st. 
I'm getting some things laminated for Math stations and could use several helpers with cutting! Please let me know if you are able/willing to cut for me! 

January 15-19

Word Work (spelling) There is a new spelling list in your child's red folder. Please look over the words and study those this week. They will be short vowel "a" with blends and digraphs. The word wall words listed will be ON THE WORD WALL for you child to use as a reference. 
Reading-Book Bags will go home Tuesday with a reader for your child. Please read this or anything else and log it on your reading page for homework.
In class we will be looking at nonfiction books and finding the main idea of these books. 
Writing-We will continue writing expository papers (also known as nonfiction writing!) This is the kids favorite kind of writing!!
Math-We are beginning place value to 120 this week. This can be trickier than the first unit so please go over homework with your child to help them understand. 
Science-Continuing to learn about day vs night. We are hitting the science lab this week (per their request!)
Social Studies-Continuing to learn about inventions and how they change our lives.
Hope everyone is enjoying their day off today!

January 10-12

Happy New year!!

I can't wait to see your child on Wednesday. As a reminder if they read for 10 minutes each day they can bring their Christmas reading log in for a prize on Wednesday. 
Word Work-No spelling test but we will learn how to read/write contractions
Reading-We will determine the difference between fiction and nonfiction text and the author's purpose for writing each. 
Writing-We will write expository papers. (nonfiction/facts). Your child will be working on an "All about book" and tell us all about something they know (baseball etc)
Math-We will be going back over place value but going to 120. They need to know expanded form, standard form, model form, greater than/less than. The test on this unit will be around February 2 (give or take).
Science-We will learn the differences and similarities to the day and night sky. 
Social Studies-We will explore inventions and inventors that make our lives better.  
Things to look forward to...
Sunday January 14th RES spirit night at Painting with a twist (info on facebook /more to come)
Monday January 15th Student Holiday (MLK)

December 18-22

Next week is going to be BUSY!!!
Monday-Math test (we are reviewing Friday the 15th in class)
Monday-Tuesday 2:00-3:00 Christmas Around the World Rotations
Tuesday-Polar Express Day (wear school appropriate PJ's)
Friday-All school sing along,  half day and party day
Please bring 3.00 to cover the cost of the party ASAP! I'm giving this to our room mom who is planning it. 
Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!! 

Test on Monday

Review coming home in their red folder today! Please go over this. It's a word problem test. I have put two graded pages in their Wednesday folders as well as their homework to all review.