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My name is Heather Denune and I am so excited to be your child's teacher this year. I graduated from the University of Houston-Clear Lake with a bachelors degree in early childhood education. I am certified to teach Pre K-4th grade as well as ESL and Gifted and Talented. I love being a first grade teacher and seeing the excitement and growth that occurs during this year. I have two daughters, Reese and Saige as well as a hard working husband and two golden retrievers that ALL keep me very busy! I enjoy coffee, reading, running and spending time with my family when I'm not teaching. I know this year will be a great one and you will see a lot of growth and learning in your child. Get ready to see your child "build a bridge to the future!"
My favorite things :
Favorite Color: turquoise
Favorite Food: Chick Fil A 
Favorite Drink: Chick Fil A sweet tea and Sonic Diet Coke
Hobbies: Reading, Movies, Jogging, anything Hobby Lobby

Recent Posts

Summer Slide

Good afternoon,
“Summer slide” is the tendency for students to lose some of the achievement gains they made during the previous school year.
Websites for reading/word work: (students have a login from me that they should know) (I will send instructions for this) (start hitting those vowel pairs for second grade)
Other things to consider/know...
In second grade students will be expected to have math fluency (AKA timed math fact test). They will begin practicing this but you can grab (or make) flashcards (sums to 20) for them to practice their facts. This is helpful for regrouping in addition/subtraction and multiplication that is to come.
Please read "real books". Go to the library
They have FREE activities all week and you can read books while you're there.
Have fun this summer. Be present. Our kids need us to be here for them. Talk. Laugh. Share!
Put down the electronics and do activities that will create memories and experiences for your children to draw from.

Back Packs

I will be sending home some math workbooks, science work books. Please send your child to school with a light backpack. 

These items are great for students to practice over the summer. 

Happy Camper Week of Fun



We are so grateful for an amazing year with your child.  We want to celebrate the hard work and growth our students have made.  We will be having a "Happy Campers" week of fun.  Below is the schedule of special events for the week of May 22-29.  Please send in the items below to help your child enjoy each day.


Tuesday, May 22 - READ IN!! Bring a bag from home with a beach towel, snack, flashlight and 4-8 books from home.  This bag will stay all week and be returned Tuesday, May 29th.  


Wednesday, May 23 - Board games/Puzzles Day - Please send to your school in your child's backpack. 


Thursday, May 24 - Arts and Crafts Day - Send in stickers, foam letters, beads, feathers, string, wire, cotton balls, etc.  These items will not be returned to you.


Friday, May 25 - Bubbles/Bubble Gum/Chalk day - Please send in bottle of bubbles for you child and pick up a few for others in our room.  Send in a bag of bubble gum for us to enjoy.  (we also need chalk). 


Tuesday, May 29 - Movie Day!! Send in a snack!!


Thank you for making this a great year! We each feel blessed to be a part of your child's life!



~First Grade Teachers 

May 14-18

Word work-"ed" endings (remember no test)
Reading-comprehension (spiraling back with main idea/details)
Writing-All about stories
Math-coins, financial literacy (spend, save, charity, needs/wants) 
TEST ON THURSDAY!!!! (moved to Thursday because of field day)
Review coming home today. 
Science-life cycles
Social Studies-land-forms
STAAR test on Monday and Tuesday ...NO LUNCH VISITORS!!
There is a first grade math benchmark on May 24th. We will not be taking this for a grade but for instructional/data purposes. We will be reviewing on the 21-23rd. 

Field Day May 18th

Sending this out a little early.
ALL classes will be outside in the morning from 845-1145 doing rotations. 
We will have a picnic lunch from 12-1230 in the grass area in front of the bus ramp. 
Crab Soccer is 2:15-3:00
(the time in between will be used to rest and watch a movie
Please bring:
  • a water bottle
  • a towel (to sit on for the picnic)
  • a sack lunch
  • a hat, sunglasses, sunscreen (sprayed on at home)
  • tennis shoes for running
  • A positive attitude  

May 7-11

Word Work: adding es/ s to a word. 
Reading: comprehension skills on read aloud's and in independent reading
Writing-Poetry (we are spiraling the reading and writing skills we have learned this year)
Social Studies-Landforms
Math-continuing to count money in dimes, nickels, quarters
Science-Life cycles (frogs, chickens, fish)
I am assessing sight words this week for a daily reading grade. 
I am beginning to assess reading levels this week and next. 
Our career day is May 11th. Please have your child dress up as what they want to be when they grow up. We will have some great speakers. 
This is our last week to check our Library books! 
Field day is NEXT Friday May 18. Our lunch will be outside at 12:00-12:30. Please let me know if your child will be buying a lunch from the school this day. It will be a sack lunch because it's a picnic lunch. 

May Dates

May 11 Volunteer Breakfast
May 11 Career day (dress up as your future job)
May 15-16 3rd/4th grade staar test (no lunch visitors)
May 18 Field Day
May 24 First Grade Math benchmark
Please get in those field day picnic forms 
If you are interested in volunteering with first grade to talk about your job please let us know. It doesn't have to be unique job but one that focuses on working hard, staying in school, etc. 
I will be assessing sight words next week and we are beginning to assessing reading levels late this week/next week.

April 30-May 4

Word work-adding ing to the end of a word
Reading-comprehension strategies
Please continue reading at home. We will assess reading levels early-mid May )(still working on the date). Students are expected to be reading on a level I/J to be successful for second grade. 
Writing-We are spiraling back with different types of writing. Next week we will visit "how to" writing again. 
Math-We will be learning about money (identifying coins and counting dimes, nickels and pennies.) 
Social Studies-We will begin land forms
Science-Animals and how they need/use their body parts for survival in their habitat. 
*Students need to turn in their field day picnic form. PE teachers need to know who will be getting a sack lunch from the school or bringing from home. 
*Library reading challenge is due on May 18th. I have many of the authors in my classroom if your child needs to read one at school. 

April 23-27

Word Work-MIXED CVCe (review ALL long vowels) Please STUDY ...these spelling words will be harder for them. 
Reading/Writing-Media Literacy
Math-We will take a math test next Friday over flat and solid shapes and fractions.
They need know the words vertices (corners) sides, edges, faces, and for fractions they ONLY need to know one half, whole, 1 out of 3 ...not 1/3. 
Science/Social Studies-maps and habitats

April 16-20

Word Work: Long u (CVCe)
Sentence Dictation
Reading : Media Literacy and Author's Purpose (digital/print, tv, radio...what is the author trying to tell us (information/persuasive/entertainment))
Please continue to read at home. Our end of year reading goal will be here before you know it. 
Writing: Continuing to write narrative stories with attention to editing/revising.
I am giving each student their own writing goal to work towards. 
Grammar: We are working on proper nouns vs common nouns.
Math: We are about to start 3D shapes. Students will learn about faces (flat part) and vertices (corner) of shapes. 
Science: Animals!! We will learn about animal characteristics and how those help them survive. 
Social Studies: We are beginning our map unit. We will begin with cardinal directions.  
Please let me know if you have any questions/concerns! 

April 9-13

Word Work-CVCe O
Two sentences using known words. 
Reading-Plot/character Traits
Writing-finishing up and publishing our stories
Math-Geometry. Students are expected to know the sides and corners/vertices of 2D and 3D shapes. Students will also learn fractions but only the terms
one half, one third, one fourth, whole. They do NOT need to know how to write a fractions (1/2) yet. 
We are looking at a test on this the week of April 23rd (ish). Hard to pen down an exact date because we've just started.
Science-finishing up plants and beginning animals. 
Social Studies-Finishing up Texas Symbols
***Math homework this week is to find objects at home/in the world that represent shapes.*** No paper homework coming home!
Readers will go home on Monday. 
No visitors at school on Tuesday 4/10 due to STAAR testing. 

Scholastic Book Order

This will be my last scholastic book order to send out this year. There will be several attached together. If you would like to get some good (cheaper) books for summer reading I suggest looking. :)


Class Code - MH2RB

Order Due Date -  04/11/18


 Two ways to order:


1. Go online to:

Look up my name: Denune

Or enter our Class Code:MH2RB

2. Check off the books you want to order for your child and return this flyer to me with a check to Scholastic Book Clubs 

News/Dates to know

April 10th is STAAR writing day for 4th graders. No lunch visitors all day. 
April 18th is Pre-K/Kinder registration. If you have a kinder or know of a kinder who will start next year please come register. 
The Kinder Program is being moved to NEXT Thursday (4/12). 

Field Day 5/18
Career Day 5/25 (if you have an interesting career you wish to share with our class please inform Mrs. Hutson. We are looking for people who can explain how hard work, doing well in school and being determined have helped shape their career/lives.) 

April 2-6

Word Work -CVCe long i
Sentence dictation (2 sentences)
Reading-character traits and plot
Writing-continuing the writing process...focusing on revising and editing
Math-reviewing measurement (length and time) and beginning shapes
Test on Tuesday 
Science-plants (parts and needs)
Social Studies-Texas symbols
Happy Easter (no school tomorrow!!)