Welcome back, Rosehill Cougars!  
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I have a long time love of health and fitness and am so thrilled to share this with your child! We have an exciting year ahead, full of lots of fun activities to help your child stay healthy. My goal for the students at RES is to help them learn and develop healthy habits that they will need for the rest of their lives! We will also work on developing motor skills and character traits that are essential to a successful future.
Please make sure to check out the Shoe Safety page so that you can be confident that your child will have the appropriate attire/footwear on their assigned P.E. days.
I look forward to getting to know your child and becoming a part of their success. Feel free to contact me with any questions/concerns you may have. You can reach me at brandytripp@tomballisd.net or 281-357-3075 ext. 1647.  My conference varies daily.
This is going to be a great year!



Parents,  We will be using the scooter boards for the next 2 weeks in class for various large group games.  For safety concerns, we are asking that no one wear skirts, dresses or long tunic shirts to PE.  They tend to get caught under the wheels and can either cause students to fall off or tear clothing.  We also ask that girls pull their hair up and back to prevent hair from getting tangled in the wheels.  If a student comes to class wearing a skirt, they will have to sit out of the class as if they forgot tennis shoes.  This can also affect their participation grade for missing class time. If you have questions/concerns about their scheduled P.E. day, please visit my page on class schedules.  Thank you!