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Shoe Safety

Starting off on the Right Foot!

For Physical Education Classes, we want to make sure that your children are wearing the most supportive and appropriate shoes for all of our running, jumping and fitness activities.  To help us with this, we ask that your child wear athletic shoes to the gym on their P.E. days.  Kindergarten students attend P.E. everyday. If your child chooses to wear other shoes during the day, he or she may bring athletic shoes to school in his/her backpack.  If students wear the wrong shoes, they will not be able to participate on that day.

Please see the chart below to know which day your child's class attends P.E. *All students will come to P.E. every Friday.

Monday, Wednesday, Friday

4th grade – Jones/Yeatman/Rincon C&D

3rd grade – Epperson/McCormick/Maldonado A&B

2nd grade – Pina/Sobotik/Mora B&D

1st grade – Crowe A/Mercado A/Davis Split

Kindergarten – all students attend every day


Tuesday, Thursday, Friday

4th grade – Wellbrook/Timothy/Rincon A&B

3rd grade – Gordon/Davis/Maldonado C&D

2nd grade – Davis/Reed/Mora A&C

1st grade – Crowe B/Mercado B/Denune Split

Kindergarten – all students attend every day