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Hello Students and Parents!

   Welcome to fourth grade!!  I am so excited to be teaching 4th grade math and science and I am looking forward to an amazing year. Together (teacher, parent, and student) we can make this a great year. 

   This is our class web page and is the place to find out about the latest happenings in our class. Please "subscribe" to this site to get email reminders and updates about what is happening in our class.  I am looking forward to working with everyone to make this a positive, successful year. If you have any questions please feel free to email me at or call me at (281)357-3075 ext. 1661.



Recent Posts

Science Review and Fraction Games

Today not all the students were able to complete the science review.  We quickly went over it but I have put a copy of it with the answers in their science google class so they can compare their answers.  I don't want them studying incorrect information.  I will also include it here. 
I also added some fraction games in their math google class.  This is a fun way for them to review the concepts that we have covered. 

Important Dates!!

Hello!  I hope everyone is doing well and is surviving the cold weather we have been having.
Next week is extremely busy week here at RES! On Monday we will be having our Natural Resource and Soil Assessment. The review will be sent home on Friday, January 26th. Your child will also be able to bring home their science notebook and another worksheet to help them study. 
On Wednesday we will be having our Unit 4 Fractions Assessment. The students will be sent home with a math review Friday that will need to be returned on Tuesday. 
The Writing Benchmark will be held on Thursday and Friday of next week. 
Spring Pictures are on Tuesday, January 30th. 

Math Test and Market

Coming up on Tuesday we will be having a math test.  It will cover input/output tables, perimeter and area, and solving equations with bar model/strip diagrams.  The student brought home a practice test today to help them prepare for the test.  This is NOT required, but if they complete it over the weekend, and bring it in on Monday, they will receive $100 cougar bucks for doing it.  It is great practice for the test.  They also brought home a bar model paper that we went over in class.  
We are done with the District fact tests for the rest of the school year!!!!
Don't forget that the students market items are due on Monday!
Have a great weekend!!!!

Polar Express Volunteers

I am still looking for two volunteers, from my home room, to sit with the students as they watch The Polar Express on Thurs., December 21, at 12:30.  Please let me know if this is something that you could do.
Thank you!

Math Test Tomorrow

It has been a crazy week with all the testing we've had!  Tomorrow they will have their math test over multiplication and division.  Today I sent home a practice test that they did in class.  With the science benchmark and program that we had today we did not have time to go over it.  I would highly encourage you to ask your student to show it to you and have them correct the ones they got wrong.  This will help prepare them for the test tomorrow and also, if they return the corrected paper, I will give half credit for all the corrected problems and increase their grade on this assignment! 
They also have their math fact test tomorrow.  Next Friday will be the last district fact test of the year!!!  


Students will be having their annual 4th grade market on Thursday, December 21st. Students are asked to create and make multiple items to sell to their classmates and all of the 4th grade students. The students will be purchasing items made with their cougar bucks they have earned through their hard work and the jobs they have maintained through the first half of the school year. The students will be receiving a grade on their products as well as on the pricing of their products. Their items are due on Monday, December 18th to allow the teacher time to grade the items. Some examples of items made in the past are: duct tape pens with flowers, duct tape wallets, anything with duct tape :), bookmarks, artwork, jewelry, painted rocks, puppets, wind chimes, modeling clay sculptures, etc... The list goes on and on....Students are asked to complete the items at home as they will not be given time in class to complete the project. It would also be helpful for them to have a box and/or container to keep/store their products in. Please let us know if you should have any further questions. 
I will also attach the grading rubric.  

Polar Express Volunteers

On Thursday, December 21, at 12:30 pm the 4th grade classes will be watching The Polar Express.  One or two parent volunteers from each class are needed to sit and monitor them.  If you would like to do this, please send me an email.  I will go with the first ones who respond.
Thank you!!!

Parent Prep Academy

The Parent Prep Academy session “Reading Your Child: Developmental Milestones / Learning Styles” will take place here at Rosehill on Thursday, December 7, at 8:30 a.m. and 1:30 p.m. No need to preregister. Sessions in Spanish will be available. All parents are welcome.


Today the students came home with their homework for the week.  The homework is the "Review" pages and it is due on Friday.  The 2 pages that say "Topic Test" are not homework and they do not have to do it, but I highly encourage them to do so!  This is great practice for the test on Friday.  If they bring them back, completed and showing their work, I will give them $100 cougar bucks for this.

Long Division

Good evening!  As the other post states, next week we have several tests.  Next Friday will be our assessment on multiplication and division.  Right now several of the students are still struggling with long division.  Please take a minute and have your student show what they can do.  If they are having a difficult time it would be very helpful if you work with them for a little while.  They need to know how to divide up to a 4 digit dividend by a 1 digit divisor.  Have them start with how the steps to long division are "All in the Family". This is a way to to help them remember the steps.  Any extra practice would be very helpful!!
Thank you!
In their math google class there is also a song that helps them remember the steps.  

Upcoming Dates

Upcoming dates:
Wednesday, December 6th - Thermal and Light Energy Test (Review will be sent home on Monday)
Thursday, December 7th - Science Benchmark (no Reviews for this)
Thursday, December 7th - 4th grade program @ 2:30 and 6:30
Friday, December 8th - Multiplication and Division Assessment (Reviews will be sent home Wednesday)
Monday, December 18th - Market projects due
Tuesday, December 19th - Algebraic Thinking Assessment
Thursday, December 21st - Market where students will buy and sell student made items.
 Friday, December 22nd - Holiday Parties @11;30 - Early Dismissal @12:50

Science Test

Good evening!  The students will be taking their Sound and Electrical Energy Test on Wednesday.  They will have a review page, their science INB, and also some good activities in their Science Google Class to help them to prepare. 
Students can log in to their google classroom account at home by first logging into their google chrome account using their user name and password. 
User Name:
Password: tisdmmddyyy(birthday)