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Email:    janinetimothy@tomballisd.net 

Phone:  (281) 357-3075 ext. 1682.

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Learning Concepts for the Week of April 26th-30th  

Math- On Monday we will take our last place value test (a review was sent home on Wednesday) and on Tuesday we will celebrate becoming Place Value Pros! Afterwards, we will begin a new unit in which we will be solving word problems that include adding and subtracting 3 digit numbers. 

Reading- This week’s fictional text focus will be on theme. We’ll look at new and old texts and draw conclusions to help us determine what lesson or moral the reader can learn. 

Writing- We’ll continue our writing process with our fictional piece and work towards completing our rough draft. 

Social Studies- We’ll be learning about innovations and will learn about important innovations from the past that continue to provide benefits to our current life.  

Science- This week we will start learning about plants. We’ll begin by talking about the parts of the plants and how they work. Later in the week, we’ll discuss how plants adapt to their environments.

Compliment Party Tomorrow

The students have earned another compliment party! They chose to have an electronic party again! On Friday afternoon, they will be allowed to bring a device to use during the 20 - 30 minute party. During that time, they will be allowed to play school appropriate video games or website games. Please note that whichever device they bring will be their full responsibility. If your child does not have a device to bring, they will be allowed to use our grade level laptops or they may also bring a board game.
Thank you.

Library tomorrow!
Hello Parents,
We've recently been informed that we WILL be having our annual RES Field Day and it will be on May 14th! Unfortunately, parents or volunteers will not be allowed on campus for this event, but we still plan on making this a fun and exciting event for all kids!  Specific information about what to expect will be sent home soon! 
For now, I will need to know if your child will need a sack lunch for that day. Please check your child's backpack this week for a RED slip that will allow you to indicate whether your child would like to request a sack lunch for Field Day.
As always, please reach out if you have any questions and have a wonderful rest of the week! 

Next Week's Concepts

Learning Concepts for the Week of April 19th-23rd  

Math- This will be our last week in which we will be learning new place value skills. We’ll revisit how to find missing numbers on a number line as well as comparing and ordering numbers up to 1,200. **The review will go home on Wednesday to prepare for the unit test that will be Monday, April 26th. 

Reading- As we continue to revisit the elements of fictional text, we will direct our focus towards conflict and resolution. 

Writing- We’ll continue our writing process with our fictional piece and work towards completing our rough draft. 

Social Studies- This week we’ll wrap up the unit on human interactions and their effects on our surroundings. With Earth Day being this week, we’ll be discussing the importance of taking care of our earth. 

Science- We will be wrapping up our unit for Objects in the Sky and will review shadows and moon phases. **The review will go home on Monday to prepare for the unit test that will be on Friday, April 23rd.

Next Week's Concepts

Hello parents! 
I wanted to let you know I am also sending an activity home with them to do this weekend if they have time. It's a shadow experiment! They will trace their shadow image when they wake up, lunch time, and again at dinner time to see how their shadow has moved throughout the day. A paper is going home today (Friday) for them to draw and write their information down

Learning Concepts for the Week of April 12th-16th  

Math- We will begin our fourth and last unit of place value this week. First, we’ll review how to represent numbers in different ways (standard, word, expanded and picture form) and then we’ll focus on how to decompose numbers. 

Reading- We continue to read and analyze fictional text and focus primarily on identifying the setting and discussing how the setting affects the plot of the story. 

Writing- We’ll be starting a new type of writing in which the kids will practice generating a fictional story.  

Social Studies- As we continue to discuss how human interactions affect our surroundings, we’ll explore how these interactions can also affect animals and cause them to become endangered.

Science- We’ve been exploring shadows over the last week and will now spend time talking about how the earth’s movement in relation to the sun determines where shadows appear as well as their shape and size.

Learning Concepts for the Week of April 5th- 9th  

We will have library this Thursday.

Math- On Monday, we’ll celebrate the end of our Money Unit by having a fun and yummy ice cream shop! Afterwards, we’ll spend a few days revisiting time. The kids will learn how to read time to the minute by recognizing that the short hand tells the hour and the long hand tells the minutes. 

Reading- This week we will be spiraling back into our fictional text unit by practicing how to analyze characters in a story. We’ll use text evidence to talk about character traits, actions and motivations.  

Writing- This week we’ll continue working on our personal narrative. Additionally, we’ll be learning to identify and use conjunctions correctly in our speaking and writing. 

Social Studies- We’ll begin learning about how human interaction has modified our environment in both positive and negative ways.   

Science- In our new unit, we will be making observations about what creates a shadow and how shadows change throughout the day as the sun appears to change position.

Next Week's Concepts

Learning Concepts for the Week of March 29- April 1st   

Please remember we will have no school on Friday! 

Math- This week we will finish our money! For the test the students will need to be able to identify and count collections of coins, make the same amount of money using different combinations of coins and answer word problems about responsible financial decisions. The review will go home on Friday (today) and the test will be on Thursday.  Please check to see if your child can identify all the coins, know their values, and count money up to $1.00.

Reading- As we continue reading various poems this week we’ll also begin discussing and  identifying elements that are typically part of fiction texts but can sometimes be found in poetry, as well. This includes characters, character traits, setting and theme. 

Writing- This week we will begin a new writing assignment in which we will practice working through the writing process and using proper grammar. 

Social Studies- We’ve begun talking about technology and how it has changed over time. As we continue this concept, we’ll look into how this applies to transportation and communication.  

Science- Our unit on weather will be ending this week! We’ll talk about how to analyze weather our weather data and review all of our weather tools and words. The review will be sent home on Monday and the test will be on Thursday

Learning Concepts for the Week of March 22nd-26th   


Math- We’ve begun a unit where the kids will be learning how to count a collection of coins up to $1.00. While we will be doing some engaging activities in class, we strongly encourage you to incorporate at-home practice to help your child recognize and count coins whenever possible.

Reading- This week we will start a new unit that will focus on poetry. We will explore the structure of various poems and discuss the different elements that are often found within poems such as rhyming, rhythm and repetition.  

Writing- We will be learning how to use and identify prepositions at the start of the week and will introduce pronouns towards the end of the week.  

Social Studies- We will start the week off with a fun marketplace activity in which your child will be selling the items they produced over spring break. Students will be allowed to purchase items using coins earned from good behavior. Later in the week, we will begin learning about technology and how it has changed over time.  

Science- As we pick back up on our weather unit, we will discuss the importance of knowing weather predictions. We will also review seasons and make the connection between weather and seasons.

Hello parents, 
In your child's Wednesday folder you will find a home project letter titled "Little Entrepreneurs." The letter describes how we will be integrating our current Economics unit in social studies with our upcoming Money unit in math. With a little help from home, our kids will get the chance to practice being producers and consumers. In order to do so, your child is asked to produce 10 items made out of paper at home. They will bring their product back after Spring Break and will be asked to promote and sell their products to their classmates. As the letter states, these "products" should be made of only paper. This can include origami, paper planes or other foldables. 
Again, this project is further explained in the letter. Please feel free to assist your child with creativity, suggestions and even assembly. You may also reach out to me if you have any questions or if you would like for me to send home paper or supplies to use on this project. 
Thank you so, so much for helping us make these learning concepts fun and enjoyable!

Learning Concepts for the Week of March 8th- 12th   

Don’t forget the RES Book Character book parade will be Next Friday, March 12th! 

Math- At the beginning of the week, we will be reviewing how to solve one step and multi-step word problems that include 2 digit addition and subtraction with regrouping. Towards the end of the week, we will begin our new unit on money! **The unit test for problem solving will be Wednesday. The review went home on Friday. 

Reading- We will be wrapping up many of our recent nonfiction reading skills. We will review for our end of unit test by reading a few more nonfiction passages while determining the central idea, supporting details and the purpose of the text. 

Writing- We will spend most of the week completing our autobiography.  

Social Studies- This week students will practice being producers and consumers by engaging in a classroom marketplace. **Please be on the lookout for a letter about how your child can create a homemade product entirely out of paper to “sell” to their classmates when we come back from Spring Break. 

Science-  As we begin our weather unit, we will discuss the difference between the terms weather and climate. We will also begin observing and recording weather so that we can later draw conclusions about the weather in our community.

Hello parents! These are a few friendly reminders for this week:
- As part of the autobiography your child is writing, they will be making a timeline of 5 major events in their life.  This will include when they were born and other significant events such as: starting school,  big family vacation,  moving to a new place/house, the Arctic Freeze, beginning of Covid 19 and school at home, etc. Ask your child what events they are including on their timeline and make sure they know the date that it happened. (the month and year would be nice but they need at least the year that it happened.)
- Thursday is our library day. Please help your child remember to bring his/her library books so that new books can be checked out.
- Your child is bringing home a science review to help prepare for the unit assessment on Friday. (Please disregard the note saying the test is Thursday)
- Lastly, we will begin a fun math unit soon in which we will begin counting coins. As an incentive, we will be using play money to "purchase" items within the class. With that being said, if you would be willing to volunteer your time to help cut small coins, please reach out to me via email. Your help is greatly appreciated!
As always, thank you for your continued support!​

Learning Concepts for the Week of March 1st- 5th   

Math- This week we will continue problem solving. We’ll spend the week reading and writing  word problems and determining how to solve them. Along the way, we will be practicing when and how to regroup with 2 digit addition and subtraction problems. 

Reading- We will finish up our biography text discussions and circle back with all types of nonfiction text. Through these texts we will continue looking at text features, topics and central ideas. 

Writing- This week the students will be learning the process of a timeline and how to compose a timeline. They will also begin their autobiography book. 

Social Studies- We will continue our economics unit this week in which we will discuss the difference between goods and services. We will also learn about producers and consumers. 

Science- This week we will continue discussing the differences and similarities between natural and manmade resources with a focus on conserving our natural resources. **You're child will receive a review on Tuesday for the end of unit test on Friday. 

Hello parents!
I hope this email finds you well and that your families experienced minimal affects from last week's winter storm. Our family was very fortunate, though a little cold, and we were all ready to get back into our routine today and see our friends back in the classroom.
I would also like to thank you for helping your child stay responsible for his or her chromebook! I was super proud of them as almost all brought them in this morning!  If your child still has their chromebook at home, please make sure they return it tomorrow.
Looking ahead, I wanted to let you all know about RES Spirit Night at Chipotle. If you order on Wednesday evening from 4:00 to 8:00, and mention RES, our school will get a 33% of the proceeds!
Also, next Monday will be the 100th day of school! Your child is welcome to dress up as a 100 year old or wear some fun 100 related attire! 
Lastly, I'd like to remind everyone that we will begin writing our autobiographies in the next day or two. If your child did not have a chance to complete the green questionnaire that was sent home, please help him or her fill in the blanks and bring back to school tomorrow. 
Thank you so much for your continuous support and have a great week! ​
Learning Concepts for this Week

Math- We will continue working with word problems involving addition and subtraction with regrouping. This week we will practice solving with our strategy of using or drawing place value blocks.  

Reading- Our nonfiction focus this week will be with biographies. Through these texts we will continue looking at text features, topics and central ideas. 

Writing- We’ll be wrapping up our procedural writing in the beginning of the week and will then introduce our next task of writing an autobiography. Please be on the lookout for a GREEN letter and questionnaire about this upcoming activity! It will be sent home today, Friday!

Social Studies- We will begin our economics unit this week in which we will discuss the difference between needs and wants. We will also learn about spending and saving and why it is important to save money. 

Science- This week we will begin a new unit in which we will be discussing the differences and similarities between natural and manmade resources.

Learning Concepts for the Week of January 25th-29th  

Math- We will be taking our Fraction Unit test on Tuesday and will then begin our next place value unit. While we have covered how to represent numbers, we will now be working on how to represent and compare numbers up to 1,200.    

Reading- This week we will focus on distinguishing between fiction and nonfiction texts. To do this we will focus on looking for the characteristics of nonfiction such as headings, photographs, captions and other text features. 

Writing- After we finish up our persuasive writing, we will slowly move into writing procedural texts otherwise known as “how to” papers. 

Social Studies- This week we will be learning our earth’s continents and oceans with a brief focus on our own continent, North America, and the countries that neighbor us, Mexico and Canada. 

Science- We’ll be wrapping up our energy unit and will review what we’ve learned about heat, light and sound energy. **A review for this assessment will go home on Tuesday and the test will be on Friday.

Hello parents,
These are a few things that will be coming home in your child's blue folder today:
- A math review for our fractions test. They will need to name and count fractional parts. They'll also need to compare the sizes of different fractional representations. This test will be on Tuesday. As a side note, I will be placing the review in Schoology in case the hard copy is lost or misplaced. 
- There will also be a letter regarding our Valentine card exchange. I am sending this home extra early because there is time sensitive information. 
Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions about either of these items. Have a great end of the week!

Learning Concepts for the Week of January 19th-22nd  

Math- We have just begun learning about fractions. We’ll explore how smaller parts of a fraction lead to more parts and larger parts lead to less parts. We’ll also be looking at how to name fractions greater than one whole.   

Reading- We will continue learning about the author’s purpose and will discuss the different ways that an author can use words, colors or graphics to persuade us to do or buy something. 

Writing- This week the students will use their facts and opinions to write their own persuasive paper.

Social Studies- After learning about Martin Luther King Jr. and his contributions, we will begin learning about Texas Symbols and how they represent our country. 

Science- As we continue our energy unit, we’ll continue to make investigations to further understand the effects of light, sound and energy.