Welcome to Music

Welcome! My name is Jaime Mears and I will be your child's music teacher. I received my Bachelor's in Music Education from UH and my Masters in Counseling from the University of St. Thomas. This is my 15th year in education and my 5th at Rosehill.
When children learn music together they learn much more than notes and songs... they discover how to 'give and take' in a group situation. Music education challenges them with creativity to find multiple answers to musical situations while demanding self-discipline and practice to 'get it right'. They learn that it often takes more than two or three tries to learn a musical pattern, memorize a sequence or match a melody. It takes teamwork for a musical ensemble to sound good and it takes true commitment to master the art of music. Music class provides avenues that focus on "we" rather than "me"... a skill that develops empathy and compassion. When children learn to listen and work as a musical unit, aesthetic moments can be experienced, yes, even at the elementary level! Music education is uniquely different and offers elements to a child's life that can be found in no other subject.